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Side-By-Side Comparison

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Side-By-Side Comparison

 Sponge-started white (french?) above, yeast-leavened sourdough below

Two Starters: Sponge-started white (french?) above, yeast-leavened sourdough below

So, this weekend, I decided to do a side-by-side comparison of baking with a sponge starter and a yeast-leavened sourdough (yeah, yeah, so sue me).  I wanted to feel the different textures see the different crusts, and make other comparisons between working with the two kinds of starter.  For both recipes I used the Joy of Cooking.  My experiences were, I'm sure, typical: the sourdough was much drier and the sponge very sticky; the sourdough was easier to work from the start, the sponge took a couple of foldings on a floured board.  As with most home bread-baking, where total failure is almost impossible, the outcomes were VERY good, in both cases.  Taste-wise, the french turned out slightly better.

And the insidesAnd the insides


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I love these side-by-side experiments. Both loaves look great, Phil.

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the side by sides!!!

I think both are beautiful breads! The sourdough appeals to my desires for open crumb right now, but I'm not a big fan of dry crumb. So I bet I would prefer the French as well!

Good job!