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FWSY 10% whole wheat with poolish

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FWSY 10% whole wheat with poolish

Finally, I got this one right!!!(hopefully)


  • 500g AP flour 
  • 500g water (fridge cold)
  • 0.4g yeast

Final Dough

  • 400g AP flour
  • 100g WW flour
  • 230g water (20g water short)
  • 22g salt (I love salt)
  • 3g yeast


  • poolish at 11pm with cold water, stickered the tub, at 6am its doubled in size.

(its summer time, the room temp is always high, so my mind told me `take time and temp as ingredients`~no, its Ken Forkish actually)

  • mixed the final dough at 6am. Instead of 250g water, I used less water 230g.

(I tried to follow the recipe exactly before, and the results were really really slack, trust me~so, I cut out some water, mainly because I live in a coastal city and its really moist here, REALLY, so i thought, huh~maybe I should follow my heart a little bit~plus, the quality of the flour I mentioned before can also affect the ability to absorb the water, I guess)

  • s&f every 15 mins. 0600 - 0615 - 0630 - 0645 - 0700.
  • fridge the whole tub for 12 hrs.(from 7am - 7pm )

(I had to go to work. If I had more time, I would divide and pre-shape and shape the dough, then basket, wrap and fridge them.)

  • 2.5 times in size when I got back, divided the dough (its actually not slack this time).
  • pre-shaped and rest 15 mins, then pre-shaped again and rest 15 mins
  • shaped, basketed and proof 1 hr, did the finger dent test, (ok, its ready, lets bake)
  • 250°C, 30 mins lid on+20 mins lid off

(I normally do 20+25 but some part of me always tells me `follow the recipe! then follow your heart!)  

the crumb tasted really really moist and elastic, a bit nutty and milky with a little bit tang(I love the tangy aftertaste).

Finally I got those big bubbles!!!

Its not perfect yet, but I will absolutely keep baking, making more and more and learn from the mistakes.

Guys, please give me some advises judging from these pics.



(I shouldnt read the book <Josey Baker Bread>, I mean I baked over 10 loaves per week!!! and the weekends are whole day bread making and baking, my whole apartment smells like bakery. I give away a lot of loaves to my friends and neighbors, well...most of them did not like this kinda bread, because its really chewy, not soft, not sweet with no cream, sausage, dried meat floss... the rest are those who really appreciate the smell of wheat, tangy, nutty, the freshness. to me, its really tasty and amazing to make sandwich and pudding with.)

oh~BTW, I think I killed my 200g levain last night, cuz this morning, nothing really happened, there's no bubbles in the dough and on the surface. I did the floating test <Tartine Bread>, but somehow, nothing really happened.

I'm not really sure but I guess the water is a bit too warm? (not hot!) not a quitter, so tonight, keep going.




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Your loaf is perfect, so I cannot offer any sort of critique or advice. I love the crumb with all those holes.  I don't have the 'Josey Baker Bread' book yet, but I buy freshly milled whole grain rye flour from him (well, more specifically, from his bakery). I love his dark mountain rye. Have you tried making that one yet?

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Hello emkay

I havent started the rye flour bread yet. right now I main focus on the technique development and taste, I mean I just started over a month and I refuse to stuff the bread right now or use wild flours (I live in Shandong Province which is very famous for grains, we have rye flour, whole wheat, corn meal, sweet potato flour, whole bran flour and etc.) They will definitely taste better if I can just be more creative but...that's not the credit for the basic skills~lol(im really werid lol)

Yeah, I will absolutely give a go on the variety of other flours.(80% white 10%whole 5% rye 5%sprout are the perfect combo that I read somewhere else~) soon~



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David Esq.

Nicely done. As for killing your levain, that seems unlikely.

If what you did was mix some starter with flour and water, and wound up with an unfloaty levain in the morning, it is quite likely that you either need to give it more time.  OR, you may have done what I did and mixed the flour and water but forgot to add the starter (which would account for nothing having happened).  If that is the case just mix in the starter now and you will be good to go 6-12 hours later.

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Hello David

Thanks for ur words.

I think I did kill my levain as there was nothing really happened there, no co2 at all, yet it had the sour taste, so i made some dumplings with the dough, it was not that bad. lol~

what I did was I fed my starter at night and in the morning it had the smell and past the floating text, after 3 hrs 6 s&f, I retarded the tub, but nothing really happened after 8 hrs.

dont really have a clue yet.



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Well done and happy baking

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Thanks brown

I will keep it going