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Pain Multi-céréales

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Pain Multi-céréales

If you know French boulangeries and you like multigrain bread, you know what I mean when I say pain multicéréales  is the greatest bread on the planet. I spent the last year in Guadeloupe, a French  territory in the Caribbean, and a part from the coconuts, beaches, and sun, what I miss the most is pain multicéréales from the boulangeries. After fruitlessly searching online, and being laughed at by the woman at the boulangerie in Guadeloupe after I asked her for the secret recipe, I have yet to find a recipe that compares to the seedy, moist crumb, crunchy crust, earthy, hearty goodness of this artisan French bread masterpiece. All's that to say, anyone have a good duplicate recipe for me?


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Postal Grunt

Google turned up some recipes for this loaf. They all had a Multi grain flour in common. Now, whether this a flour made from a combination of flours or a flour with the cereals added in, the entries didn't specify but just guessing, I'd say the flour has the cereal grains added to the flour. If that's the case, you should be able to come reasonably close with a little experimentation. One the recipes I read included brewed coffee as the liquid instead of water.