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50 % hydration Starter

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50 % hydration Starter








I fed the Starter at 9.55pm tonight for tomorrows baking and put a rubber band where it was when just fed.

I covered it with plastic wrap and poked 5 tiny holes in it.

Here you see * Gordon * grow:)

* I hope he wont try to get out of that Jar. eeeek *

I love working with Stiff Starters, feeding is less messy and maintaining so much easier.


And off topic, these are my 2 dogs Ben the yellow Labrador who is 9 years old and Eddie the red merle Border Collie who is 4 years old.

They just finished playing with fetch in the Garden.

The headless young Man is my oldes Son:)



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would easily last me more than 2 years:-)

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That gives me enough for my 2 loafs tomorrow and also I have enough left to feed again for next time and some to give to my Neighbours who asked for some before we move in 2 weeks:)

Mind you, family of 6 here , we go through a lot of bread and I do not really have the time with the build stages though I know it is much cheaper with the flour.

One day when it is only my hubby and I.

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AbeNW11 (not verified)

It's always satisfying to see your starter behaving so well. I'm proud even on your behalf.

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Thank you Abe, yes, my Starter is very active, he was made from my 15 month old 100% hydration Starter :)

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Why were you up taking pictures at 1:55 AM? Go back to bed, Gordon will be fine. You're acting like a new mommy! LOL!