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Focaccia - first post

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Pedro Azambuja

Focaccia - first post

Hi there,

I'm a 28 years old brazilian cook, who has fallen in love with bread baking a few years ago. I didn't quit my job to become a baker, but bread is now an integral part of my menus - sourdough whenever possible. I came around with this site a while ago and always check the posts and blogs, and I have to say: you guys helped me and inspired me a lot. But only now I found the time to be a little bit more participative and to share a few of my efforts in bread baking. 

So, that's it. Just introducing myself. I'll end with the picture of focaccia I baked the other day for an event. 


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Well  done and welcome to TFL.

Happy baking

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Edo Bread

Looks great - inspiring pictures!