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Worthy of a Knight - Götzenburg Bread

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Worthy of a Knight - Götzenburg Bread

Before I present you with the amazing bread collection you submitted for my Knight with the Iron Hand challenge, I owe you my own creation!

These goals I had in mind when I thought about the formula. I wanted to create a bread with grains and seeds used in German breads, preferably growing in the Baden-Württemberg region.

Though worthy of Schloss Jagsthausen's long tradition and its noble, iron-fisted ancestor, my bread should meet modern baking standards, not authentic medieval bread tradition (weevil-count over 100/kg!)

I also aimed for a bread that was not too fussy, and could be prepared either by the pastry chef of Schlosshotel Götzenburg's fabulous restaurant or outsourced to a local bakery. Therefore no holey loaf à la Tartine, and no overly complicated procedure.

Introducing a porridge to power up the hydration without making a whole grain dough too wet - this idea I happily took from Chad Robertson's "Tartine No. 3". It would work its magic in my less holey bread, too.

BreadStorm did the math for me, and this is the result (re-directing you to my Blog "Brot & Bread")



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I love the look of this and the mix of flours, this must be excellent bread.  One can never go wrong with rye, but this combination is surely subtle and delicious.  Some butter and jam, speck, cheese etc .... am really quite hungry now.  Beautiful!  

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It is, indeed, an excellent bread - all eaten in the meantime, of course with the toppings you mentioned. And, since barley was in the mix, there had to be some barley stuff to go with it - I just found a nice Kölsch here in Maine.


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Looks great and sounds delicious, Karin!  The millet is a nice touch.  I've been looking forward to seeing your creation, thank you for ending the suspense :)  Totally worth the wait!


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you would all wait with baited breath for my creation :)

Meanwhile I have 25 loaves, and two more are promised!

This is very happy baking, indeed,


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The mix of grains, some even older than the Iron Fisted One, has to be very tasty.  A fine bread that Gotz would have loved to munch on between battles.   Well done.  Can't wait to see what the Schlosshotel Götzenburg's chef has to say about your examples of a bread they might want to consider making :-)

Happy baking

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they will change their lame-bread-ways, when they are presented with wonderful breads from all over the world. I'm glad that Lucy approves of my bread, too :)

Happy baking,


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That is one lovely loaf of bread, bursting with goodness and flavor. I think yours is a tough candidate to the challenge.

I've made a recipe, though I'm not happy with the resultant crumb structure.The rye starter, apparently, is sick and needs some refreshment to bring the yeast count back to normal. (my starter did not like the new addition of non-organic whole rye flour. It prefers the organic rye flour, but I'll continue to feed until it adapts to the new mixture of rye flours). In the meanwhile, I'll just feed it with organic rye flour and proceed with the recipe.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Karin.



hanseata's picture

and tell your naughty starter that he has to eat what is set before him on the table, or else..... :)

I'm eager to see your bread!


Janetcook's picture

Hi Karin,

Love the looks of your loaf!  Sounds really good too.  Like the idea of how you used millet as the porridge.  I have never tried that.  So many grains, so many breads….the list is endless.  You say 25 loaves to bake but I am sure the list will grow.  :*)

Take Care,



hanseata's picture

Too true, Janet - my husband says I'm obsessed with baking, but fortunately he is the beneficiary :)

Got already one loaf more, the list of contributions is still growing!


isand66's picture

Great looking loaf.  Great idea to use the millet as porridge.  Will have to try this one.  Look forward to seeing the ever expanding list.



hanseata's picture

After baking almost all the Tartine porridge loaves, I can think of a lot more grains to work into a porridge. Millet worked very well.

The list does still expand, so I will wait a little longer with my round-up. Amaaaazing! :)



bakingbadly's picture


Hey, what else can I say about your bread? 

Look forward to seeing all the submissions for the challenge. And if I had the time and energy, I would've mustered up something already!


hanseata's picture

Would have loved to get a bread from you, too, Zita, but I can imagine you are very busy.

I hope your bakery venture is coming along well!