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Pumpernickel vs Vollkornbrot

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Pumpernickel vs Vollkornbrot

Can anyone explain the difference?  As far as I can tell they have the same ingredients and proportions, but Pumpernickel is baked very low for a long time, whereas Vollkornbrot is baked normally so doesn't have as much caramelization. 

Is this correct?

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What you have stated is essentially true but there is more to the story.  There are countless recipes for Pumpernickel and just as many for Vollkornbrot.  Variations abound with wild abandon making a simple straightforward comparison all but impossible.  I would say that in general, the ingredients are similar but not the same.  Pumpernickel is usually baked for a long period but so is Vollkornbrot as compared with most breads but it is not baked as long as Pumpernickel.  That carmelization that happens in Pumpernickel definitely separates it from Vollkornbrot.

There are many others on this forum who have experience with both of these breads and will likely add comment here as time passes.


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post is that pumpernickel is supposed to have some kind of special grind of rye in it, besides being baked very low and slow.  Like all things bread, there is some variance about what this grind is and how much to use though  since recipes are.... relative.