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Forgive me TFL, it's been 70 days since my last post

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Forgive me TFL, it's been 70 days since my last post

Well after My Wife's fathers death we had another death in the family, tough times people. 


After that I went on the road for a bit to try and deal with my stuff. I won't bore you with all the details of my walkabout, but suffice to say it helped.

I went to Portland Oregon through Mammoth Lake CA and Bend OR fishing my way up. I did go to Mr. Forkish's place for some pizza and breads. On the way back I made the 9.5 hour drive to outside San Fran and pick up some of Chad's Soughdough the next day. But on Sunday bread does not come out to 4pm! I pushed my anger down by buying some Croissants (after waiting 1.5 hours in line). Once back home I hmade my first attemp at 100% Whole wheat bread with some flour I bought in PDX. My wife was going through food withdrawals so I baked and cooked to get her better.

Here are some picks.....


and todays bake

Cheers all,



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You have our condolences.  Hope your trip helped to get you where you wanted to go.  Your baking is absolutely spectacular - all of it top notch.  Your wife is s lucky to be able to eat so well from your efforts and you are blessed to be able to do it - what a team!  Well done Wing and

Happy Baking

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So sorry for your losses and I hope your journey brought you the peace you needed.

Your cooking and baking look awesome as always.

Glad to hear from you.


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But it's nice to see you back and nice to see the great stuff you are baking.

Any magical enlightenment moments from your shrine tour?


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My condolences to you and yours. May their soles rest in peace.

Beautiful bread and pizzas.



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Cheers all for the kind words.

David I would say, try to see some beauty everyday no matter the setting. We are not promissed tomorrow.