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Tried something new

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Tried something new

I forgot to take my SD Starter out of the fridge for baking today, so I used Yeast instead.

Mind you, my kids love this Bread and it tastes fantastic if I say so myself.

The taste is malty and nutty at the same time.





500g strong bread flour

300g wholemeal flour

200g rye flour

  30g salt

  30g butter

     1tbsp dark soft brown sugar

     2tbsp dark treacle

     4tsp yeast

       mixed seeds

600g warm water 


First I mixed the flour with the sugar , salt , butter, yeast and mixed seeds together.

I added the dark treacle to the water, mixed it well and added it to the flour, mixed it well.

Dough kneading for 20 minutes * quite sticky dough so ended up adding about 2tbsp of wholemeal flour while kneading *

2 hours bulk fermentation, gentle degassing, halved the dough, shaped to batards and added them into 2 greased loaf pans.

Final proofing for 30 minutes.

Baked at 230C for 15 minutes , reduced the temperature to 200C and baked for 30 minutes.

Halfway through baking I turned the loaf pans to ensure even browning.

Here are the results.

* Sorry for the missing first slice, I just could not resist , my excuse is: we needed a crumb shot anyways hehehe 

This bread is great with sweet toppings or savoury toppings and cheese too. 


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a hearty, healthy loaf \liken this one.  It was horrible store bought whole wheat bread for my daughter who would not eat anything else.  Well done and

Happy Baking

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Thank you dabrownman, yes, my 3rd Son Timothy would not eat anything else but the horrible store bought white bread.

Now at least he eats my white Sandwhich loaf , but he still does not touch any other bread. 

I will never understand people who do not like the darker breads, the healthy ones.

There is so much more flavour.

We are moving house at the end of the month and I do hope that my breads still turn out good in the new oven, I think that is my greatest worry of the move.

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Looks moreish!  I bet that's good, the treacle should give it a really warm mellow flavour.  I fancy a slice with powidl jam!  

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I sit here with a Sandwich made with the bread and it is so nice.

My kids ate most of the first loaf so I have to defrost the second one later.

Make this bread more often now.

The amount of salt sounds a lot but over the amount of dough it was just right.