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We 3 gmas (+1) made lemon bars

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We 3 gmas (+1) made lemon bars

Barb's lemon bars lead in... actually our sister Barbra has the blessing of a mini family reunion this week. Her son and his wife and kids are up visiting from CA and so, her daughter-in-law chose the "bake" today... good job, Margarita! Barb used link below for these amazing looking lemon bars.  


Helen went the healthy route... from Fitness Website... Lighten-up, Lemon Bars... Look Great to me!!!

 and they look even better cut and plated.



My Lemon Bars, are called "Perfect Lemon Bars" , quite a lofty goal... but not too far off the mark actually, the crust is very much a shortbread, with powdered sugar and cornstarch, different from a pastry crust... I love it!!!

And like all the rest they look best after they are cut 

Actually they all look best on a plate along side a cup of coffee or a nice hot tea!

A fun bake... good times with sisters and nieces and nephews and kids and grandkids, etc... Looking forward to next time! Happy Baking.

Barbra, (with Margarita), Helen and Diane


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Yum!  These look great.  Please send me over some :).

Happy Baking, Ian

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it is a bar and  I like bars way better than cookies any day :-)  We like lime bars too but have never had orange bars.  All of GMA's lemon bars are first rate and make me want to make some right away.  Lucy is licking her chops over them.  Well done and

Happy baking GMA's 

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and the lemon tree is sweet.....however nothing could be quite as sweet as the recipe that I used! They did disappear with a couple of hours though they were so sweet the considerable amount of lemon zest and juice were overpowered.  Next time I'm trying Diane's recipe. Luckily we have a whole bag of fresh lemons from a friend's tree in California. Unbelievable riches! Today was an easy day in the kitchen for 100 degree weather--lasagna, two, each one weighing in at 6 + lbs, banana cake, and a carrot layer cake. It was time to hand down our mom's recipe to the next two generations. She must be proud in heaven tonight.

Another great day spent chatting and baking with my sisters,

Enjoy the feast