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Solid 100% whole wheat

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108 breads

Solid 100% whole wheat

This is a solid, basic, good whole wheat bread with sourdough starter (no commercial yeast) and a little coconut oil. Okay, I am considering a few adjustments to take this up a notch, but still an easy, good bread. It's bread #55 for anyone who is counting.

I am considering adding oats and baking the whole time at a higher oven temperature. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

For anyone visiting Baltimore soon, I also posted yesterday about a really fine matzo oven in a museum and a great Italian deli. Both highly recommended, the latter for actual food.

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sans oats.  Rather than just coat the bread next time I would make an oatmeal gruel with steel cut oats amd put it in the bread making a grue bread, rather than the current fad of porridge bread:-) I suspect Gruel Bread has been around longer

The last time Lucy and I made Matzoh we made whole wheat ones and .....the girls didn't like then because they weren't the horrid white ones they were used to:-)  Made great matzoh balls though .  Well Done and

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