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Wholey Wholemeal

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Wholey Wholemeal

This bread is absolutely delicious, the taste is like nothing I've tried with organic hard red wheat. Its just regular wholemeal flour cheap as chips .

It does not take lots of water this is about 65% (lean) though I don't mind the ugliness so long as it deleivers in taste.

Very interesting that with added fats this bread can hold together at 77% hydration and its only a soft flour.

Hamburger , hotdog buns on the way. Just blows my mind, this is how bread should taste. Who needs big bubbles?

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A bread that tstes great is a big success in my book.  Whon knew rhey had flour mills in Bahrain?

Happy baking

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Might take a bit more dedication to get a nice loaf done though I just love the taste this brings.

Autolysed 50% for 1 day at room temp then fridge for another before adding levain and handling VERY carefully:)

Happy brown baking 


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Good profile on a 100% whole wheat, Ghazi. The flour is soft as you've suggested. Nice work. The texture of the bread can be much improved if you kneaded in some cold butter during the mixing stage. Also try mixing longer.

Waiting to see more of you.



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Nice tip on the butter, that's what I was thinking somehow fats imprvove the overall dough in soft flours.

I will do, even sneak in a bit more water though I know I have to be careful. im thinking a 68-69% would hold well woth the cold butter