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Farmer's Market Week 40&41 (Country Loaf and Spelt Levain)

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Farmer's Market Week 40&41 (Country Loaf and Spelt Levain)

It's sunny in Northern California and the Farmer's Markets are kicking out all the goodies.  Still sticking to some of my solid formulas that are either set in their way and/or need just little tweaks.  Last week it was a new rendition of Country Bread and I'm very happy with the results.  

This week I went back to a fan favorite Spelt Levain (recipe found here  With the fresh milled grain I've brought the levain down to a total of 15% and all of the Rye makes up 5% of that.  

Also I've been tinkering with 100% Fresh MIlled Whole Wheat with cold final proof and have had excellent results and many including myself are really enjoying the loaf.  



Country Loaf


Two 750g loaves


Stiff Levain:  DDT 78F (4 hours)

32 g    Seed @ 70% hydration

64g     Freshly Milled Whole Spelt

45g    H20


Rye Sour:DDT 73F (12-16 hours)

2g    Seed @ 100% Hydration

41g  Whole Rye, Freshly Milled

41g  H20


Final Dough:

576g    H20

58g      Whole Spelt Freshly Milled

436g    Bakers Craft (white flour 11.5% protein)

436g    T85 High Extraction Wheat Flour

18g       Sea Salt


Total Flour  823 g (17% Spelt, 5% Rye, 25% T85, 53% White) 15% PF 27% Levain

Total H20: 675g 82%


Autolyse 1 hour hold back 5% H20

Add Levain/Sour with most of held back H20 and combine well.  Add salt with remaining water and mix to a soft dough showing signs of gluten. 

Bulk 2:30 with 3 folds @ 30, 60, and 120 minutes

Divide, preshape, rest 20-30 minutes.  Shape to floured bowls.  Proof at room temp 1 hour and retard 12 hours

Bake 500 steam 15 minutes, vented @ 470 for 20-30 more



100% Fresh Wheat with Honey and cold final proof


For 2 750g loaves


Levain: 12 hours @ 78F

13g    Seed (70% hydration)

63g    Fresh Milled Wheat

44g    H20


Final Dough:  DDT 78F

721g   H20

636g    Freshly Milled Wheat

21g      Honey

16g     Sea Salt


Total Flour:  707g (100% Hard Red Winter Wheat) 10%PF 17% Levain

Total H20:  771g    (109%)


Autolyse 2 hours holding back 10% h20

Add Levain with 1/2 of held back h20 and honey

Mix to combine and then add salt and some more water to help incorporate.  Pince and fold until dough shows signs of good gluten development.  

Bulk Ferment 3:00

Fold @ 20,40,60 (from around the dough stretching with wet hands)

Fold @ 2:00 compass fold being gentle to stretch the dough but not tear

Divide using wet hands and preshape into a tight round.  Rest 30 minutes

Shape to a very well floured bowl and retard 12-15 hours

Bake 500 steam for 12 minutes and vented 470 for 30-40 more. 

A full bake is absolutely necessary.  It's actually best to wait a good 12 hour for this one and it has great shelf life. 



Header photo is the Spelt Levain and here is the crumb

Happy Baking All




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Looks great. Your formula is quite similar to mine, just heartier with the spelt and hi-ex. I'm always envious of you California folks and your Central Milling. Although I got 90% extraction by hand bolting some hard white, so maybe with a finer mesh sifter I could get T85.

golgi70's picture

The Nutrimill does not flour good for sifting.  Or at least so far in my experience.  Granted I only have a standard kitchen sifter and haven't really tried buying sifters.  It does make a fine flour though.  




CAphyl's picture

Josh:  You must be so pleased.  Love the color and crust.  The crumb is just perfect.  Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration.  Best, Phyllis

golgi70's picture

thanks Phyllis



isand66's picture

These all look great Josh.  Have to give your 100% WW loaf.  Did you sift or use it as it came out if the Mill?



golgi70's picture

All of the grains in the loaves above with the exception of the T85 which is Central Milling are whole.  Still haven't bought any sifting gadgets. The Whole Wheat is worth trying.  



amberartisan's picture

I have a stone-mill Retsel that takes FOREVER but on a slightly coarser setting allowed better bran sifting and faster milling speed. I actually got 87% after a 100g test.

golgi70's picture

I have the NM since it was a "cheap" option for fresh flour.  After using a Meadows Mill it's obviously not up to snuff with the stone mill but it gets the job done for whole grain flour.  


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breads Josh.  Very nice crumb for all of them.  Well done and happy baking

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Hope your keeping cool down there