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Storing Cookies

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Storing Cookies

I have never stored cookie for long periods of time as they are usually gone rather quickly, I was wondering what would be the best way to go about this?

Would it be better to mix the dough and scoop out individual servings freeze them and put them in containers or to bake them let them cool and then store and freezer them.


1) Would there be a difference in taste between those 2 methods?

2) Does it make a difference whether they are stored in glass containers, plastic, or ziploc bags?

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On the type of cookie.  I have recipes for Lebkuchen and other Germanic cookies that will keep at room temperature for months in a tightly-sealed tin.  Think Pfeffernusse, for example. But unless the recipe specifically states "will keep at room temp" I freeze them.

I make huge batches of cookies for Christmas--twelve dozen of some varieties--and start my baking just after Thanksgiving.  My technique is to let them cool completely on racks, then pack them in layers in metal tins (or sturdy plastic containers) lined with plastic wrap, then store them in the bottom of the freezer.  This has worked for me and seems to preserve the flavor without getting any off-taste.  FWIW, I choose cookies that are sturdy (no frosting or sticky jam on top) and make them small for a nicer presentation.  I'll even store the occasional batch of chocolate chippers like this.  In my freezer, a bag would result in crumbs, and I am very talented at breaking glass, so the tins are the best option for me.  I repurpose cookie tins from the previous Christmas (I'm that annoying person at work asking if anyone really wants that empty gift tin...or sometimes I don't even ask ;-)

I've never done any taste testing on the various storage methods you suggest, but have frozen dough to make slice-and-bake cookies with good success.

Let us know what you find out!


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I make ~1800 cookies a week and timing is everything. If the cookies are baked, you can probably get them to last about a week or two without compromising the texture. Otherwise they might get stale, and if you store them in boxes, you'll start noticing "oil/fat" stains on the box. But storing them in a tightly sealed plastic container will get you about 1.5 - 2 weeks of fresh-ish cookies (theres nothing like having one fresh out of the oven).

I like to store my cookies in tightly sealed plastic bins, un baked, scooped and layered on parchment paper. Then I put them on the pan, let them thaw, and bake them about 300dF convection with one pan rotation halfway through. Zip block freezer bags should work well too,you have to scoop them onto a pan, freeze them, then put them in the zip block.

Or, if you aren't feeling like all that work, just keep the dough in a tightly sealed zip block or wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and it should hold about 2-3 months in the freezer! (make sure to check regularly for freezer burn).Then, thaw it all out and scoop all at once.

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Thanks. I am planning on making chocolate chip cookies