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Whole foods bulk farro legit?

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Whole foods bulk farro legit?

Does anyone know if the farro in the Whole Foods bulk section is eikorn, spelt, or something else?

Anyone know its source?


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carry farro in th bins at Whole Foods here any more.  But farro comes 3 ways small kernal is Einkorn, midium size is Emmer and large size is spelt and spelt has a redish tone as well.  When they carried it here in Phoenix it was always Emmer.

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with the Farro I get from Bluebird Farm. Organic and very clean.


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I suspect it is more likely to be emmer than einkorn or spelt, since I hear the medium size is the most common. That said, you could try asking the people who work there if they can tell you more about the bag it came in. Even if it doesn't say emmer on it, it might say "farro mediano", or some clue like that.