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Help! I ruined my NEW pullman loaf tin

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Help! I ruined my NEW pullman loaf tin

Please help me find a way to make my pan un-sticky. I just bought it yesterday, and decided to follow the included instructions on seasoning it:

- "bake" at 150C for 20 minutes

- while tin is still warm, apply shortening to the insides (I used canola oil as I don't have shortening)

- then bake at 240C for another 20 minutes.

I've used regular cooking oil to season frying pans in the past so I thought, why not use canola? But halfway through "baking" the tin, the house filled with a burnt plastick-y smell. Ugh. When the 20 minutes were up, I retrieved my tin and to my dismay, it had developed yellow blotches/stains.

Some of the oil had pooled to the bottom and I tried to wipe it off with a kitchen towel, but it was very sticky. I let it cool, but now, I not only have a yellow-stained tin, the bottom and a few sides are sticky! And to think I went through all this trouble just to make my pan as NON-STICK as possible.

Is there any way to reverse the damage? Please help!

The tin is aluminum with steel siding.

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They are likely to be the best placed to have knowledge of this happening in the past

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David Esq.

Put it in the oven, upside down with some tinfoil underneath it. Warm it up. The oil may liquify  and drip down, and then clean it well, after it has cooled down a bit but while it is still warm.

Next time, when seasoning anything with a liquid oil, or even with shortening, heat it up when it is upside down, with tinfoil or a baking tray under it, to avoid the pooling problem which comes about because too much oil/shortening was used.

I might add, vegetable oil often turns sticky. If it is a thin coat, you might be able to just bake it again at the temperature used before and see if it burns off. Seasoning with Crisco is probably the way to go in the future.

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As far as I know they have to be heated upside down in the oven.

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pans and canola spray oil in a can. Spray pan before using.load in bread and bake  - no sticking.  Wash and repeat :-)

Still, if you can get your seasoning to take - don't wash the pan.

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Mini Oven

Try spraying a spot with WD40 letting it soak in and wipe it off.  Wash well afterwards but not in a dishwasher, it will ruin the aluminium finish.  Or perhaps use more of the cold canola oil on the surface to soften it up and remove excess.  Try looking up Canola solvents.