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bread box

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bread box

anyone have the progressive expanding bread box?

tired of plastic bags for my loaf bread.

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AbeNW11 (not verified)

is good. With a snap on lid. Mine is big enough for one loaf. Keeps it very fresh.

Allow bread to cool completely before putting in and line with baking paper.

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If you've got the counter space, then good, it works.  I just don't have the space, so while it was fine for awhile, it eventually was abandoned.

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AbeNW11 (not verified)

On top of a fridge or microwave? The only way is to keep it in a breadbin or a container. You'll always have the same problem even if the container can change size. When you first put a loaf in it'll have to be at least the size of the loaf and if you have nowhere to put that then you'll have the same problem.

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Mini Oven

the expandable works well.  Get one that goes in a dishwasher and has smooth easy to clean sides. 

I have too many different shaped loaves to make it work for me.  You can also just set the loaf in a large bowl and cover with a dry towel.  The kind of breadbox that works for you depends on your location and humidity.  That can also change with the seasons.   

You can wrap loaves in parchment paper and rubber bands, brown paper, butcher paper, waxed paper.  Does seeing it make a difference?  I've seen bread boxes mounted on walls, under counter tops (inside the cupboard) under wall mounted cupboards (above counter tops) and sat on counter tops.  I prefer my counter tops free and more likely to mount on a wall or shelf.   My sil uses a standard drawer turned into a bread box.