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My new daily bread!

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My new daily bread!

Well this loaf is similar in many respects to my lasted posted bake, with two changes: barley malt syrup instead of brown sugar and more of it by weight and one whole egg, beaten. 


20g white wheat berries

20g red wheat berries

10g red flax

10g gold flax

10g quinoa

174g hot water

I soaked this 24 hours in a cool dark place, then added:

10g wheat bran

10g steel cut oats and left it to sprout for another day or 2

When the berries are sprouting I finish the mixing.

Milk scald

174g milk scalded

25g malt syrup

25g honey

When the milk scald has cooled to 100F add

300g whole wheat starter at 100% hydration and let get happy for a few minutes

Final dough

245g whole wheat flour

20g buckwheat flour

40g dark rye flour

80g bread flour

8g salt

28g oil

1 egg beaten

Mix well and let rest 10 minutes. Do four sets of stretch and fold with 10 minutes rest in between. On the last set of S&F's add

20g sesame seeds, toasted

30g sunflower seeds, toasted

15g wheat germ, toasted

Let rise until double in bulk, then punch down and shape for a loaf pan. Bake 40 minutes at 350F, turning at the half.

This one will be my daily bread and a weekly bake. I am not sure I can get up to dman's 15 grains and 30 ingredients though. We will see.


Enjoy and Happy baking folks! Brian



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Sounds quite good.

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The taste of theses kinds of beads is amazing - bet this one is no exception.  Well done and a

Happy Baking

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 . . . the taste of these breads is amazing. How fortuitous it was to be given a coupon for a grocery store 12 grain loaf that I liked. Well I like this 11 grain, 3 seed bread a great deal better. I am starting to find my dabrownman baking groove, taking 5 days to produce a loaf of bread. I can give my neighbours 1/3 and still eat fine bread for a week. The sprouted grains and toasted seeds and 'toadies' give this loaf a really nice nutty crunch I always like my breads, but this one is now my daily bread for a while. Happy baking friends! Brian

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I'm trying to compress a long 5 day bake by 20%....Last week I compressed the bread instead.  W hen you are a retired ski bum you can take as long as you want to make a great loaf of bread - that you just can't buy anywhere... and if you could,  it wouldn't be nearly as good.  We love this bread and you know Lucy will really gussie it up -  if that is even possible :-) 

Happy Baking

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Looks like a great bread, Brian!

Happy Baking,


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Hi, I make multigrain bread with oats, buckwheat, lentil, barley, chickpeas and whatever.

I found this amount of water in soaker ( 200% of grain weight) is never enough.  Now I soak grains in 400% of water overnight, then pour out remaining water and use it in the main dough.

Also, I blend soaked grains until there is no big pieces.

How much grain is too much ?  I tried up to 40% of flour. Bread rises well, but tastes pretty "gluten free".