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Using whole wheat in Hancock Shaker dill bread recipe

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Using whole wheat in Hancock Shaker dill bread recipe

Do you have any suggestions for a whole grains version of the Hancock Shaker recipe for dill bread which calls for white flour? I have used 40 percent whole grain flour but am wondering if there is a way to use 100 percent whole grain for the recipe.

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I am not familiar with the recipe you site (sounds delicious and I have a yard full of dill right now). Any time you want to convert an AP flour based recipe to 100% WW, there will be major changes to not only the water/liquid content needed but also to the technique that WW requires in order to get the maximum starch and hydration out of the flour for a lighter and moister loaf.

My first suggestion is to research "fluffy" whole wheat. WW needs extra water AND the time for all the branny bits to absorb it. Somewhere in the recipe, a long autolyse is called for, or a tangzhong method. Didn't Peter Reinhart have an "epoxy" method? That would work,also.

Then you must develop the starch in the dough by kneading to windowpane. This allows the dough to rise as high as it can and stretch to accommodate the bubbles.

Final Proofing needs to be watched so it does not overproof.

Sounds like some delicious experimentation is in order!