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Muesli Bread from Brotdoc

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Muesli Bread from Brotdoc

As my 3.5 year old daughter would say, "deeeliciousss". Wonderful with cheese or just butter. We enjoy this bread for breakfast. Link to the recipe -

Enjoy baking!



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Looks perfect.

Nice job Sid.

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Such a great idea to use muesli as the soaker and I've seen it a few places now.  Looks as your daughter said deeeelish



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came out way better than brotdoc's.  His was very dense, even with the commercial yeast booster.  Yours is perfect and has to taste even better.  Well done and

Happy Baking

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This is a hit a home, especially with my diary crazy daughter.

dabrownman - I'm not sure why brotdoc's recipe came out dense. I can tell you it was a warm weekend in California!


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I agree with DBM, your bread's crumb does look better than Björn's!

My guess: it has to do with the muesli mixture. Depending on what the mixture contains, it can absorb more or less liquid. Brotdoc's mixture might have absorbed more liquid than yours.

I had the same issue when I baked Muesli Rolls for the first time (with Bob's Red Mill Muesli). They tasted great, but the crumb was too dense and dry. I had to tweak the recipe a bit to make it work.




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Good job, Sid!

It definitely has to do with the muesli mixture. The muesli I used had a lot of oat-flakes in it. Those nasty oat flakes taste delicious but prevent gluten development. To be honest I was happy that the crumb did become as displayed, with that ammount of oat and rye in it.

Second guess is that Sid had a better bread flour than me, with more gluten in it.


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Hi Karin - I have to remember my improvisations! I used 9-grain cereal in place of Muesli. Main reason is that we have a family member sensitive to sugar in dried fruits.

But at the end of the day, this is a wonderful recipe. My daughter loves anything with milk, the second benefit is that the bread doesn't taste as "grainy" as other breads.

I'm playing with one more version with Yoghurt.


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Hello Bjoern - it is nice to meet you! Much thanks for your wonderful blog. The way you write the recipes makes it easier for novice bakers like myself to make the breads. We love the Musli Brot, Linnert Brot and Saftkorn Brot.

The Saftkorn Brot I had also for a colleague who's homesick for German breads. He really enjoyed it.