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Another multi-grain experiment that worked well!

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Another multi-grain experiment that worked well!

I enjoyed the sprouted grains and seeds so much in my last multi grain loaf that I baked another one and a a third on the go. A week later this bread is still making great toast.


20g white wheat berries

20g red wheat berries

10g red flax

10g gold flax

10g quinoa

174g hot water

I soaked this 24 hours in a cool dark place, then added:

10g wheat bran

10g steel cut oats and left it to sprout for another day or 2

When the berries are sprouting I finish the mixing.

Milk scald

174g milk scalded

25g brown sugar

25g honey

When the milk scald has cooled to 100F add

300g whole wheat starter at 100% hydration and let get happy for a few minutes

Final dough

245g whole wheat flour

20g buckwheat flour

40g dark rye flour

80g bread flour

8g salt

28g oil

1 egg beaten

Mix well and let rest 10 minutes. Do four sets of stretch and fold with 10 minutes rest in between. On the last set of S&F's add

20g sesame seeds, toasted

30g sunflower seeds, toasted

Let rise until double in bulk, then punch down and shape for a loaf pan. Bake 40 minutes at 350F, turning at the half. Enjoy and Happy baking folks! Brian


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8 grams salt to the above recipe. I couldn't figure out how to edit it after posting.  b

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Looks like a winner!  Have to give this a go sooner than later.


P.S. there is an edit button usually on the bottom of your post I believe.

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Sounds like a great flavor combination.

Happy Baking,


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You are getting pretty close to the 15 Grain No More than 30 Ingredient Challenge too.  Lucy loves this one. The scald with soaker and sprouts makes this one a real treat.  Well Done an

Happy Baking Ski

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This bread was still great toasted a week later. A 'meal in a slice.' I just finished another loaf similar to this with a couple of tweaks i will post separately. the latest loaf is the best one so far. Happy baking Ski