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WANTED: water kefir grains and kombucha scoby - London

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WANTED: water kefir grains and kombucha scoby - London

Before I make an ebay purchase I would like to ask if anyone in the uk has any water kefir grains and a kombucha mother to spare?

R Chan

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I'm in the UK and I'm coming down with kombucha scobys - they're breeding like mad at this time of the year.  I wouldn't know how to send one in the post though, and it needs to be sent with some kombucha too as a starter.  I think the cost of postage would be quite high.

Where do you live?

I bought mine from Happy Kombucha on ebay and was very satisfied with the purchase.

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AbeNW11 (not verified)

It took 5 weeks and all I used was a bit of Kambucha I bought, home made green tea brew and sugar. It's grown to huge proportions and I think it's even had a baby. But I wouldn't know how to get it to you. Kefir is easy to buy from a health shop. Scoby's you'll either have to grow your own or get one from someone close by.

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Thank you for you replies. I have made a purchase on ebay and am eagerly awaiting the sight of the local post postie:D

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Edo Bread

Sorry I didn't see this earlier, would have been happy to send a scoby

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Hello there,

i know it s been 3 years since you posted this,but would your offer still stands?i live SE London.


hope I m not too annoying--

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Sounds like you are all set with a scoby.  Just wanted to say that you can grow one in less than 2 weeks from a bottle of raw, store-bought kombucha.  I worked up the details for Brod & Taylor's test kitchen, basically it comes down to feeding the store bought bottle of 'bucha 2:1 (2 parts kombucha:1 part sweetened black tea), then fermenting it in a fairly large container so that it has a large surface to volume ratio.  About 80F is the right temp to maintain (27C).  And use black tea, not green, or you'll have a very thin scoby.  

If anyone needs a scoby in MA (US), I'm happy to share :)

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It's maybe too late, but I have plenty of kefir grains if someone needs some.

I'm in the Midlands, but I can dehydrated some and send by post.

Let me know if you fancy

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Rowena Hunt

I am looking for some water kefir grains.  Peroba, I have just sent you a PM.  Does anyone else have any in London?  Thanks everyone :-)

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Hi Rowena, Did you manage to find any water kefir grains? If so, would you have any to spare? I've just moved to London and would be happy to collect. Thanks, Frances

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Hello, I am looking for water kefir, too! I'm in southeast London, so if anybody not too far away is able to give me some grains I would be very happy to pick them up! Thanks!

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Hi everyone I'm looking for a scoby (can be tiny/thin, that's ok) in london. I'm in E1. Anyone close by has a scoby spare? Would really appreciate it. Thanks! 

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Find a plain (non flavoured) kombucha that is live. I believe wholefoods sell a good brand. Get a big glass jar and clean it thoroughly. You've gotta be careful when making your own kombucha, cleanliness is very important. Make a very strong black tea and sweeten with sugar. Find a recipe with quantities online. Then add in some of the live kombucha and mix. Place in the back of a cupboard and wait a few weeks. A scoby will form.