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We 3 gmas baked Blueberry Cream Cheese braid from TFL recipes

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We 3 gmas baked Blueberry Cream Cheese braid from TFL recipes

When we were checking out the Favorite Recipes on the Home page, we looked at a few bread ideas... and tossed ideas back and forth through text and cyberspace... but then we came across the Blueberry Cream Cheese braid and had to have it... My sisters did marvelous braiding... and I learned from my mistakes... The beauty of all this is that the mistakes taste as good as the successes... (unless you are adding lots of salt to Cheese cake!, LOL)...

Helen's finished braids are the lead in and here is her crumb...


Helen's braids are nice and tight before the second rise...


She rolled her dough nice and thin... and cut off a couple of taste bites for the baker... or the apprentices, she has 6 of them... :-)


Barbra also made awesome braids... they learned from me...LOL... 


I learned that if you don't make the individual slashes long enough to fold over completely... rather than about half way... you have braids that open up... still tastes great!


  A nice little coffee break... A nice day with Sister Baking... and a good discussion on what is coming up... Next week I believe we are going to give the Milk bread a shot.... the TFL recipe... or do some research too... who knows... sometimes we don't decide until baking day... fun times, fun baking... and fun pictures.

Happy Baking!

Helen, Diane, and Barbra


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came out great and have to taste better.  This was one of the first recipes Lucy and I made after joining TFL but you know Lucy.....she subbed puff paste for the bread and made the largest Danish I have ever seen..... and eaten:-) You have to make these when the blueberries are in season, ripe and inexpensive like right now.

After moving to Galveston and being there a couple 3 weeks, my daughter says Texans like her are all wet and smell pretty musty :-)  She has seen more rain in those weeks then she saw in 23 years in AZ.

Happy Baking GMA's

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Huckleberries and Walla Walla sweet onions are in season. Probably not the best combination but who knows? Thanks Floyd, this recipe is more proof that things really do get better with age :-).

Speaking of those onions, came across this dressing recipe after seeing Diane's picture perfect chicken salad:

Looks like your daughter is finding out that "dry Texan" only refers to their humor and to those North of Galveston! A hint from a Washington expatriate though, don't mention that her feet are webbed....

Another fun day spending time baking and visiting with my sisters. Everyone loves the results and we cherish our time together.



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Nothing like a batch of corn cob jam either - perfect now that corn is fresh, sweet and cheap now too.  Lucy says don't let those cobs go to waste.

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Thought you were funnin' with us... there really is such a thing... Well, now I will have to save those cobs in the freezer until I have enough to try this! Whoda thought?

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from ancestral ancient times and is a jam that doesn't required pectin or freezing corn cobs.  This was made way before people even knew what pectin.  Here it is

 4 corn cobs

Take the kernels off one ear, weigh them,  and put into a mini chopper with a  cup of water and liquefy as much as you want.

3 more cups of water.

1 peeled and cored apple - minced fine - weigh it.

Boil the liquefied kernel water with the 4 cobs and water for a half hour.

Get rid of the cobs and add sugar to equal 1/2 of the original weight of the corn kernels and apple.

Add 1 tsp of butter, 1 T of honey, 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1/8 tsp of salt.

Simmer down till you get jam consistence.

I heat jars with lids in the mini oven to 225 F for 10 minutes and then fill them with the hot jamb and refrigerate them when cool.  This is refrigerator jamb so need for processing.

I think you will like this much better than the jelly recipes you will find on the internet.  Works great for Carrot Jam too but I out a little pumpkin pie spice in that.

This is much better than the corn jelly recipes on the Internet. 

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So the only pectin, is what nature put in the apple, and the corn... I will have to give this a try... stay tuned...

Thanks, DAB


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Looks delicious!

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Thanks Floyd... we sure enjoy this site... spend almost as much time here as we do baking... uh... probably more!

Happing Baking, Diane

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You lucky girls, having all that yummy coffee cake!

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Great job as always.  I have to try this recipe already :).


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Those look beautifully delish~

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These are beautiful.

I was baking the same thing yesterday but I am still working on getting my braiding even.  I seem to misjudge  the proportions so more times than not mine pull apart somewhere too.

So anyone want to share what measurements you use when rolling out the dough and cutting the 'braiding' pieces? 

One trick I did learn while watching Beatrice Ojakangas on a Julia Child baking segment was that of coating the braiding pieces with a bit of egg white just prior to braiding.  She said it acts like glue.  Her braid was great too. Made it look so simple!

Thanks for sharing and to Floyd for this ever popular and versatile treat!