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Farmer's Market Week 39 (Tzitsel???, Sourdough, baguettes)

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Farmer's Market Week 39 (Tzitsel???, Sourdough, baguettes)

After reading Varda's post and finally learning what Tzitsel is I figured I might as well give it a whirl.  

I adjusted my NY Rye Formula to match up a bit with Varda's formula and made a couple of adjustments.  First I decreased the total pre-fermented dough to 12% since I'd be finishing the proof overnight in the fridge.  I also added a cornmeal soaker to the dough. I realized at the shape table I had bought medium ground cornmeal and went ahead and used it.  A finer cornmeal would probably be a better fit but the crunch from the coarser grind is quite nice.  

Overall Formula:

30% Freshly MIlled Whole Rye (12% Prefermented @ 80% hydration with 5% seed for 15 hours)

70% Central MIlling Baker's Craft 

74% H20

2.25%  Sea Salt

2%  Caraway

15% Corn Soaker (5% Cornmeal 7.5% H20, boiled)


Build Sour (15 hours @ 73F) Make soaker 

Straight dough to medium development

Bulk 2:20 (3 folds :20, 1:00, 1:40)

Divide, presheape, rest 20-30 minutes

Shape and coat in cornmeal.  Retard 8-12 hours @ 45F

Bake 500 steam for 15 and vented for 20-25



And for the Tuesday Bake I continued working on the Sourdough with Fresh Milled Wheat. 

I increased the Pre fermented flour from 9 to 12% (this will be the next change up to 15%) removed the scant amount of Rye and increased the hdyration from 80 to 85% hdration.  Decreased the bulk from 4 to 3 hours and did three folds @ 20, 40,  60.  

And while I was at it I wanted to make some baguettes as its been a while.  Boubassa style with levain/IDY and 20% T85.  These were amazing. 

some plum butter on 100% Wheat I also tinkered with this week.  (cover photo loaves)

Cheers and Happy Baking 




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Everything looks amazing Josh as usual.

Love the Tzitsell bread.


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The folks at the market must be satisfied with theoir trades!  Well done and

Happy baking


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I certainly hope they are 


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Josh, I'm so glad I didn't miss this.   Your Tzitzel looks terrific.   The major change here is your use of a cornmeal scald which I have never tried.   Your crumb is awesome, and I'm sure the scald helped.    So I looked again to try to figure out where word tzitzel comes from - I don't think David is right that tzitzel means seed.  The great authority Google translate says that seed is tzimon in Yiddish.   There is a Wikipedia article that says that sissel = light rye.   Anyhow doesn't matter, but enquiring minds want to know.   Your Bouabsa baguettes look incredible.   -Varda

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David is pretty savvy with giving us background and history of bread I didn't even think to check up on the info.  After you mentioned it I googled Tzitsel and all that comes up are links to bread recipes but no info on the word so I think you may be right.  All in all it's a Jewish or NY Rye to me.  Coat it in cornmeal or even add some to the mix its just a variation on the theme.  And delicious at that.  I'd imagine the sissel thing is maybe more on point with the naming.  A great loaf of bread.  I'll have to make time and see how it differs without the cold proof.  Thanks for the push towards this loaf as it was very well received.  


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Everything looks spectacular, Josh. Well done!

I'll have to try bouabsa's baguettes with liquid levain and IDY. Yours looks so good.

Best wishes,


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Do try the baguettes as they were dynamite.  They were still crunchy and not stale the following morning.   An excellent trade for a little of the lost fluff from a full yeasted version. 


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Josh:  These look fantastic.  Very professional. I have been traveling a lot, so I haven't been able to be on the site as much, and I almost missed this posting.  Can you tell me how you did the scoring on the baguettes and the oblong loaf?  I have never been able to achieve that and must try in the future.  Congratulations on some beautiful loaves. Best,  Phyllis

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I suppose both get the same score.  A shallow score down the just barely "off center" of the loaf on a 30 or so degree angle. Be sure the score is shallow, maybe 1/4" at best and let the bread do the rest.