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difference between dough arms for the Hobart N50

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difference between dough arms for the Hobart N50

Hey everyone,

 First time posting on the site and i have a couple questions.  I need to buy a dough hook for my Hobart N50 and i keep running into two variants of the hook.  One has a cone shaped attachment head and the other has ( in my knowledge) a standard attachment head.

1st link is the amazon replacement which is the cone shaped attachment

amazon dough hook

2nd link is the ebay replacement which has the standard attachment head

eBay dough hook


now my questions are as follows.

1. does it matter which one i use when im making breads?

2. is one stronger than the other one for longevity in use

3. is one more preferable than the other


i have searched and searched for an answer on forums and blogs but, no one has ever had this question. 

also in the Hobart parts catalog it also has two types of dough arms the "ED" and "E".  Are these them?


Thank you ahead of time

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Call Hobart and ask.

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On-line find and ask their advice.  They helped me some time ago with a Hobart problem.  I spoke to a very helpful person on their free number.

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According to the link, a "E" hook is just a j hook. A "ED" hook is the spiral hook.

Sometimes food supply places are lazy and just post a generic picture along with whatever dough hook they're selling. The image with the cone could be for a larger mixer. 

My two cents would be to get a "ED" hook as they spread out the kneading across the entire rotation of the shaft. "E" hooks tend to slap the dough around and when running close to capacity can load a mixer up more. Having said that, when I rebuilt my aesthetically well worn A200, the gears inside were virtually pristine, minus one piece of broken keystock from operator negligence.


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Hi Nick,

Buy the spiral hook is my best advice.    The J hook is poor in comparison.

Best wishes


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Hey Nick,

I got a spiral hook for my little N50 a while back.  Sweet!  Surfed around Amazon and found one that works on the 5qt Kitchen Aid.  The one Hobart sells costs more that my monthly beer allowance.  

I've been using the N50 since about 1997 and love it.  Had a KA prior but it just was a little under powered and the plastic gear failed several times.

Here are a couple of photo's of my hook.

Have fun…..


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Hey everyone

Thanks so much for all the responses its all the info i need. 

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I thought I was being smart and got a Hobart N50 dough hook for my KitchenAid K5A mixer. It attaches OK, but it is too tall for the 5-quart bowl, that is, it is made for a deeper bowl than the one I have (K5ASB). It is the NON-conical design. It came from Amazon who placed the order through Culinary Depot, and the Amazon listing says "by Hobart".

So how does one get an N50 dough hook to work on a KA 5-quart bowl-lift mixer, if such is possible? I suppose I could put a shim in the bowl-lift mechanism so that the bowl doesn't lift all the way up, but I don't have a good feeling about that.