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Need Recipe

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Need Recipe

What would be a good recipe that can be made ahead of time and keep? Something that would be good for brunch in individual servings think cream puffs or macarons . I would like to make it the night before.


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Texas Pecan, brownies, or maybe a linzer bar.  I'd go with the linzer bar myself.  They actually get better for a few days and last maybe  a week wrapped in plastic at room temp.  I'm assuming you want a sweet treat of sorts.  And you want it cooked and ready for eating.  

I can give you a recipe if this is what your lookin for

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Potato donut holes with a lemon thyme glaze may be something that you can serve individually for a brunch setting; the  lemon vanilla glaze is a little less sweet than most lemon citrus glazes, and may be more appropriate for a brunch menu.  The donut holes are made from mashed potatoes rather than flour, and hence are lighter overall, crispier on the outside, and chewier on the inside; the donut hole cake itself absorbs the flavors of any added ingredients or herbs (in this case thyme) much better.  The cake also blends better with any glaze that it is topped with.  It is quite easy to make; the donut holes fry within 5 minutes.  See recipe at