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I baked Ciabatta yesterday. Turned out quite well, the crumb is very yellow. It looks like the one in Ken's Artisan Bakery except more yellow. It is feather-light, with a very open cell structure. Flavor is AMAZING! Last time I tried Hamelman's 73% Hydration Ciabatta with a hand mix and it came short. So I tried (this bake) 80% Hydration, and got the results I wanted. The flour was Shepherd's Grain Low Gluten (11.2% Protein)

BIGA (30% Prefermented Flour) - 150g flour; 90g water, 0.1g instant yeast (I salted mine w/0.8g because of summer temps). Let stand 12-16 hours @ 70F.

AUTOLYZE: Mix 350g flour, 310g water. Let stand 20-30 minutes. I can't remember if I held back any of that water or not. Sometimes when I hold back I have a hard time incorporating the remaining water. 

MIX: Add 1.5g instant yeast and 10g salt (I salted my Biga, so I added only 9.2g salt). Either way, the total salt should be 2%. DDT 76F.

BULK: 3-4 hours. My kitchen was 72F, and took about 4 hours. I did S & F in container 3-4 times during this period, plus some air kneading.

PROOF: Divided into some rectangles and some panini shapes. Shaping is up to you, just don't handle the dough, or gas will be lost. I proofed in the fridge for 3 hours (Oh yeah- and a skin formed, but it was fine!), because I had to go to work (part-time job @ accountant's office. Saving up for college!). I gave 1 hour floor time while my levain baked, then loaded into a steamy (Sylvia's Steam) 500F oven. Crust looked shabby because I fogot to heavily flour the loaves pre-loading, which contributes to the rustic look of Ciabatta. Will do next time!