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baked before work

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baked before work


Hi Folks been a while since i last had a bit of a bake at work, i had been tending my culture regularly but just didnt get the time to do a batch.

But that changed i made a dough during the lunch break just the bog standard 3 flour: 2 water :1 sourdough culture, also being 3 kgs: 2kgs: 1 kg:

The dough was stretched and folded every hour 1.00 2.00 and 3.00 the dough was taken at 4,00 scaled pre shaped rested and then moulded placed on couches and into the cool room for overnight.

Next morning i got in @5.30 am and was going to process another dough for the restaurant/cafe whilst i was waiting for the sour dough to bake.

I got everything into the mixer including the water only to find that the mixer would not start,  i checked the micro switches, and still couldnt get it to go, i then tried to fire up the oven with the same result nothing happening.

I quickly looked up and saw that bug zapper was off too, a sure sign that the emergency stop had been tripped, i knew where the switch was but where is the reset key, i contemplated the early morning call to the Hospitality technician and decided to wait until 6.00 but kept looking and eventually found the key and got everything going.



 all above the sourdough the loaves scaled @500g the stcks at 300g, below the 100g  2% everyting (almost) dough these mini loaves were

served cut diagonally and served with a hearty soup, the restaurant cafe outlet is in the west end of Fremantle next to the University

of Notre Dame with customers being students and pensioners that know good value @ $7.50 and the serves are generous!



So there we have it  the Sour dough turned out well  and the 100g mini's that were destined to accompany a french onion soup  were looking good in the oven too this was a reasonably rich dough, one i call MY 2% Dough

In this case 2kgs of flour 2% salt 2% milk powder 2%butter 2% egg 2% yeast .0.5% dobrim 500 bread improver which allows this to be an instant dough, water was not measured i'm afraid in my haste to get things underway. From the mixer onto the bench scaled preshaped rested (whilst i put the sourdough into the oven, and then shaped onto flutes on trays and into the proover. 

All in all a nice little wake up starter before the real job, a quick shower to start behind a desk for 7.45.   

Kind regards Yozza



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You are a true baker deep down, Derek. You have what it takes to be a  professional baker/ instructor; so why settle for a desk job?




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I just love your ovens and wish that I baked enoiugh bread to justify having one.  ! or 2 loaves a week won't cut it:-)

Happy baking

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Thanks for the comments guys, i  consider myself lucky to be able to use the facilities at the college and being able to indulge myself and have a bit of a play. The lecturers at the cafe outlet just want more, i'm thinking of starting up a baking support club whereby any of the students,  staff or  work colleagues want to spend a couple of hours once a week either before work or after can come along and we can indulge ourselves and make some nice breads that can be used  at Challenger Institutes Quinlan's on High outlet. They were very quick to advertise the bread as Challenger's  very own bread.

Could be  a whole lot of fun, and an opportunity  in retirement. 

regard Derek

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Those are some fine looking loaves.

Thanks for sharing.