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Bread for Socks

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Bread for Socks

I have found my knitting needles again which have been slumbering for a few years.  I purchased a lovely book depicting the history of knitting.   And guess what is used to keep Kurdish socks fluffy and cozy?    ;)

CiabattaChic's picture

Hmm, I hope they were clean before. Also, presumably they would have  had to take out some of the inside bits of the bread. I'd quite like that job :)

AnnaInMD's picture

Guess the hot moist inside of the bread affects the wool particles and fluffs them up. Not sure that this couldn't have been done another way, grin...

Mini Oven's picture
Mini Oven

or pocket bread.  

Janetcook's picture

Makes me wonder who ever thought up this one???  Things like this continually amaze me.  Human ingenuity where there seems to be no apparent connection.

Thanks for this did-bit!