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Farmer's Market Week 36 (Cracked Wheat + 70% Detmolder Rye)

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Farmer's Market Week 36 (Cracked Wheat + 70% Detmolder Rye)

Still in the process of fine tuning formulas we liked from last years markets.  This was from Week 9.  The only change made was to use a 3 build levain opposed to a 12 hour overnight levain.  I almost added some honey as well but opted to keep to fewer changes.  Next time honey will be added and the cracked wheat increased.  Then I think it'll go to the final formula books.  

I also squeezed in a 70% Detmolder Rye with 30% Sifted Whole Wheat.  1/2 of the Rye was also sifted.  I think I jumped the gun and should have given 15-20 more minutes of final proof but it doesn't detract much but for the slightly less open crumb in the center.  



Cracked Wheat


17% Levain @ 100% Hydration (70% White 30% Wheat) done over three builds.  Final build @ 78F took 3 hours



88% Hydration (does not include soaker h20)

60 %  Whole Wheat  40 % Bread Flour (11.5% protein)

2.  %  Wheat Germ, toasted

2.25 % Sea Salt

10%  Bulgar Wheat Soaked in equal weight of Hot H20 for 4 hours


20 minute autolyse with levain.  

Add soaker and salt and mix to medium gluten development.  

Bulk 3:30 with 5 folds @ :30, 1:00, 1:30, 2:10, and 2:50

Divide, preshape, rest.  Shape and proof at room temp for 1 hour and then retard 8 hours

Bake 500 steam 15 minutes, 460 vented 20-30 more



I keep forgetting to take bounty photos. Let's see:  Asparagus, fresh greens, smoked albacore, fennel, kale, spring onions, fresh eggs, broccoli, cabbage (time to make some kraut)

Cheers All





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These are the kind of breads than make Lucy run around n circles chasing her tail and saying Oh Mon Duex - in Swedish - buy she can be a little over the top now and agian.  Both of these have to taste geat.  Nice to have one to put int eh recipe book.  We like 3 stage builds no matter what the temperature control used.  Well Done and

Happy baking Josh.

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lookin really darn good!


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Josh:  These loaves look wonderful.  Lovely crust, crumb and scoring. I wish I had a slice of that bread for breakfast right now. Congratulations!  Best,  Phyllis

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Both loaves look great ! I'm literally salivating over the 70% rye . . . honestly, there's almost nothing better than a warm piece of pain de seigle, especially one as dark as the one you've posted.

Very envious, but looks like I'll just have to make one for myself. Thanks for the post and the inspiration !

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Looks great as always.  That rye really looks tasty and ready for some deli meats to go between 2 slices :).

Happy Baking.


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Thanks for kind words all


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Both the bulgur bread and the rye look delicious. That 60% WW, wheat germ and bulgur combination must be awfully tasty. 

I need to start working on something of this sort. You've inspired me again!


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I look forward to what you come up with.  If you choose to try this formula I highly suggest the addition of honey and/or maybe splitting the wheat with hard white and hard red.