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Cloche results

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Jim Burgin

Cloche results

P. Reinhart (Crust and Crumb p. says that a cloche gives a loaf a "thick, chewy texture".  The internet sites that sell them say it gives a crisp, crunchy texture.  What gives here.  What is your experience with a cloche?  Thanks

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A dutch oven will do the same.


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Using a gas oven, retaining steam can be a challenge, but my cloche helps enormously. I have only the lid, broke the base a couple years ago (my bad - heat shock after removing it from the oven too soon). I heat it along with my baking stone, spritz a loaf with water just before loading it into the oven, pop the lid on for 15-20 min, then remove it for the rest of the bake. I love the surprise at the 'reveal' of seeing my bread achieving its potential. Crusts develop great color, blisters and crisp crunchiness.

I agree with OM, my cloche is definitely part of my baking team!