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6/1/14 Bake

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6/1/14 Bake

I haven't felt like baking much lately. You see my Father-in-law lost his one sided fight with Parkinson's. He, and I, are NOT religious, in fact with think it is a lot of hooey. But I digress, he was a brilliant man, full of laughter and knowledge. Self made, hard working, dedicated family man.

He would love it when I would come to the Island to see them because he had an excuse to go buy some beer. His wife had a rule about beer; If someone brings it over or if family comes to town he could buy it and drink some, strong wonderful Lady. I still remember the day I asked his permission to marry his daughter, he said "oh, I thought you were going to ask for money" we laughed and then he said "Yes, yes you can" we drank a beer. Then in the blink of an eye he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and a short 5 years later his light was snuffed out.

I say all the time, "It's all part of the ride we are on" meaning aging, loving, hurting, aches and pains, lines on our faces, the loss of hair, the decline of our sight and so on is all apart of the ride we are all on, so I try to embrace it all. I don't buy into the beauty cream, anti aging, extended sex drive, miracle cure crap. Why spend all that time and energy trying to hold back the inevitable when you could be embracing it and living now!

I guess what I am saying is Parkinson's sucks and what a raw deal it was for him.

Anyway, rant over, just venting. Sorry if I offended, I know how people can get about religion.

Here is some bread from the other day.



Organic Sourdough, no GMO's


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Sounds like quite a guy. 

Beautiful bread, as usual. We have the same lame. 

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Even that great bread can't make up for it.

Happy baking

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Lovely loaf, my condolences for your father-in-law.

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A great post and well said.  He sounds like a great guy to hang out with.  Alls we can do is to enjoy the good memories and make new ones.


Great loaves of bread, I especially like the 'turban' lookin loaf, very nice  :)

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So sorry for your loss.  Sounds like your father-in-law was quite the man.

Your bread looks pretty amazing as usual.



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v's sis

I am very sorry to hear about your loss.  When I feel sad, I bake.  I call it self-medicating.  Those are lovely loaves.  Keep on baking.  -Leah

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Losing loved ones is always hard.  It should remind us to love the living more while we have them.

The loaf is a beauty.


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Thanks for all the kind words from everyone.

And again I am sorry for the rant, I was just lashing out. I don't handle death well.

Still lots to do with all the arrangements. We fly out in a week or so for the final ceremony and meeting with lawyers and so on. 

When I am down in the dumps I go to the hills and Fly Fish but as yet I have not been able to go, hopefully when we return this will happen.

Cheers and all the best,