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Austria and pedal turn at a time !

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Austria and pedal turn at a time !

We left Vienna on our bikes with our group of 50 on May30th. We have been in a different town each night. We stay in hostels, inns and a college dorm so far. We are in Linz tonight. It is almost 10 PM here now. Very full days of cycling the Velo 6 route. Here are some pics of the lovely bakery goods from the center of Linz. A very very busy place. On a Tuesday at 5 PM almost everything was gone from some shops. Ice cream is incredible here as is everything we have eaten so far. Love the coffee also ! Since we are burning so many calories I can indulge as I wish :) Lovely. Miss all the posts on TFL but will get back to it when I take my starters out of hibernation in mid August when I return to the US. Hope you enjoy...c

 photo IMG_0641_zps6ff78414.jpg  photo IMG_0640_zpsf32ac22b.jpg  photo IMG_0643_zpsb124159a.jpg  photo IMG_0642_zps194c3124.jpg  photo IMG_0644_zps6e981271.jpg lovely ice cream...only 1Euro for a large scoop ! I had caramet today :)  photo IMG_0647_zps4c9d8bec.jpg  photo IMG_0645_zps2cd93c10.jpg


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Wow!  Amazing!  You must be having such a great time and I shall have to live vicariously through you.

Thanks so much for sharing your travels and I hope you continue to have a safe and fun trip.



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Thanks for sharing, Caroline! It sounds like you are having a great time. Looking forward to updates on you adventure.


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away  and keeping us up to date.  Even the workout won't keep those dessert calories away for long!

Happy Cycling