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We 3 gmas went to boot camp!

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We 3 gmas went to boot camp!

Just kidding... Actually we did snatch our recipe from the Joy the Baker's Boot Camp - Triple Berry Cinnamon Swirl bread.  This bread was a twist rather than a braid... the challenge was that the dough was very soft and delicate... which made getting it into the skillet quite the challenge once it was all twisted... and me being how I am, left some juicy goodness in my fruit... making it even smooshier... LOL

The lead in picture this time is Helen's ... all dusted with powdered sugar and ready to slice.

.. her out of the oven shot... is amazing too.


Now look at that!!!! Lovely... below she is sampling a slice... talk about a teaser slice... 


But a yummy way to have that morning coffee... she can have that slice... and I will take the rest of the skillet full....

Barb's looks great too... this was one of those bakes, that went together quickly and disappeared twice as fast.

  Don't my sister's do a lovely job with just everything they bake... 

Mine was so good, I got into it while it was warm for sure...


I am just saying.... stuff like this does not last long... it is long gone now...but the recipe is a keeper and the memories are good ones...

This Wednesday, yep, tomorrow... copycat Keebler pecan sandies... those can't possibly be bad...

Happy baking everyone, and thank you my sisters for another great bake.

Barbra, Diane, and Helen.


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have died and gone to heaven - and poor Lucy still had another 1,000 bakes left in her for  sure!  Are you GMA's entering the challenge for this recipe on the website? I'm sure one of you will win- but which one with these three beauties?    They all have to taste great - love the cut, braided and twisted form - perfect for twisted baking sisters!

Berries ar king this time of year.  Made a blueberry rectangular thing with regular pie crust for the bottom and puff paste for the top.  Got to take advantage of fresh berries this time of year.....,

Well done and happy baking.

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Mini Oven

The "Boot Camp" sure grabbed my attention...  but I'm always watching what you girls are up to.  Yummy pictures and..  I gotta get me some!

Now wait a minute... where is the recipe?      (...after all those step-by-step pics.)

Did a metric conversion of the dough:  7g yeast, 9.5g sugar, 180g milk, egg yolk, 2T butter  (will weigh and correct later) 280g flour, 2.5g salt (I prefer less)    

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To look at all those steps than to mix up the dough (have to admit that I gave up halfway through and skipped ahead to the recipe) I used a package of frozen mixed berries, should have shown some restraint but I dumped in the leftover after carefully measuring.  Not a good idea, too much fruit to enclose in the dough.- the cinnamon with fruit seemed odd, kind of like putting jam on a cinnamon roll. Now there's an idea....

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Another fantastic bake Sisters!  They all look exceptional and I'm sure would go with a nice scoop of vanilla ice-cream!

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Mini Oven

let it cool in the pan and don't attempt moving to a cooling rack.  Don't know why I did that...  habit I guess...  I used a loaf pan and... I'm just letting y'all know... let it cool in the pan.  Trust me.  Mine is now is several torn sections.  Making it easy to snitch some.

One thing I thought of too late was to pinch off some of the doughy end and try to make a dough string to wrap around the open cut section of dough, that might have helped hold it together to braid.  Pretty tricky if the dough is soft. I used a strip of parchment to transfer the dough to the pan.  It looked like a mess but rose up nicely and baked out beautifully.