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Farmer's Market Week 36 (Pane Maggiore) + NY Rye

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Farmer's Market Week 36 (Pane Maggiore) + NY Rye

It's been a while and I had a craving for some PVM.  I figured I'd do one final experiment and see the results using a stiff levain.

 I've used an 18 hour liquid wheat whole wheat levain (the original), 1/2 liquid white levain, 1/2 liquid wheat levain + 1/2 white, 1/2 white levain and 1/2 rye sour. I think the best is the 1/2 liquid white 1/2 liquid wheat. 

Might as well rule out the trusty stiff levain.  While this batch came together lovely and the dough was a bit easier to handle (i credit the added strength from the stiff levain) it really wan't as good as the previous.  It leans a bit more more heavily acetic and less lactic and that detracted for sure.  None the less its a fine loaf and baked up nicely.  

For Tuesday I went back to the drawing board and pulled my NY Rye Formula out.  I wanted a longer more slender batard so I attempted using kitchen towels as my couche and this caused some issues. The resulting loaves albeit not the look I want but the flavor was just perfect.  Time to buy some real couche for the homestead  Reminded me of childhood and home as it always does.  So good.  


PVM Formula

Prefermented Flour: 12% (I used all Whole Wheat @ 66% hydration but suggest a liquid levain)

Flour: 60% CM Baker's Craft (11.5% proetin) (AP or bread flour will work here)

          23% Stone Ground Hard Red Winter Wheat

          17%  Stone Ground Whole Rye 

          87% H20

          2.1%  Sea Salt

DDT   78F

Autolyse with levains 30 minutes

Mix to medium gluten development.  

Bulk 3 hours with 3 folds @ 30, 80, 130 minutes 

Shape and Retard 12-15 hours

Bake Cold @ 500 with steam for 17 minutes and vented for 30 more. (bold bake recommended)


NY Rye

Pre Fermented Flour (16% Rye Sour @ 100% hydration)  This is decreased from 20% because I am hand mixing and it takes a bit longer to develop the dough.  If using a mixer you can increase and decrease the bulk slightly.  

Overall Flour:  60% Bread Flour 40% Stone Ground Whole Rye

Over Hydration:  76% 

Caraway 2.5%

Sea Salt: 2 %


Autolyse 20 minutes

Hand Mix for about 15 minutes to get good gluten development  DDT 76-78F

Bulk 2 1/2 hours with 2 folds @ 50 and 100 minutes

Shape and retard 8-12 hours

Bake with steam for 15 minutes/ vented for 25-30 more


I liked Davids score on a round PVM and decided I'd do half round and half oval and play with this.  Accidentally got some angle on the cut when I wanted it straight but I think this will be the PVM round score.  


And the NY Rye

Didn't take any bounty pics.  Got some lovely zucchini(which is being pickled), beautiful greens, local tuna, some nice organic table wine, a few herb starts, broccoli, asparagus, and a couple little monetary donations.  The fresh veggies are comin back strong and it's just a matter of time before it's in full stride.  Love it.  




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This looks so good.

I can almost taste it.

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Inspiring loaves Golgi.  It's about time I did something different so I'm going to have a bash at these.

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I'm pretty sure I would prefer the stiff rye sour starter for the PVM, both of the breads really,  since Lucy tends to prefer it for every bread that has rye in it somewhere and then get it too 100% hydration in the 3 stage leaiin build.  But we love the sour side of bread..

Both of these look fine and I too like 40% whole rye for my favorite Jewish Deli Rye from NY .....only its called Tzitzel from St Louis and has a little corn in it :-)

Both of these are just fantastic breads Josh - a  lot to be proud of there.  Well done and

Happy baking 

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Those are some fine looking loaves!!! A great bake, if I may say so myself; your crumbs are downright psychedelic.

I gotta ask you: how was the handle on the PVM dough? With 87% H20 and a modest amount of WG, I wonder how wet the sucker was. 

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Thanks All

@ ElPanadero : I look forward to your reults

@ lepain : It's a decently hydrated dough but a bit more of the sticky than overly wet due to the decent amount of Rye.  It's a fantastic loaf.  



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No seeds in the rye, eh? 

We had no bread in Italy that came close to the deliciousness of PVM - any of the versions I've made so far.

With the warm Spring, our Farmer's Market looks more like early July that early June, expect the first Italian eggplant haven't yet appeared. I'm looking forward to duplicating the "Pizza Vegetariana" we had in Lucca, but gotta have those eggplants!


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2.5% caraway.  You just can't see them in the photo but you sure can taste em.  So far PVM boasts as of the finer breads I've had.  

Yes the fair weather has brought strawberries and much more fresh veggies to the market earlier than usual.  Not really sure when the first eggplant starts to show up but I bet it's not too far off.  You should try some of the pizza doughs from the book "Pizza" by Gabrielle Bonci.  It's a great book and the couple pizza doughs I've made from it have been outstanding.  Also a lot of interesting ideas (some really out there) for pizza.  



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Those are fine looking breads, Josh. Crust and crumb perfect.

Your clients must be addicted to them by now.


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I told one of my favorite "tasters" (I prefer tasters to clients) I was gonna take this week off and he cautioned me.  You have gotten a lot of people hooked on your bread.  Better be careful not making it as they may become very disappointed.  I suppose that is good news.  Hope they can manage a week off.  


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Those are some beauties.  Reminds me I need to make some Jewish Rye soon.

awesome crumb on both.


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reminded me it had been too long.  Gotta make this one more often.  Just so good and holds so well.  

Thanks Ian