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Biscuits galore.

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Biscuits galore.

I have been baking so much lately and a lot of biscuits.  The tradition here is 7  types of   small biscuits served with coffee when people come over and I been a good hostess.

I have made    Duche de Leche ,   Toffee,  Dark chocolate  with white chocolate chunks and macademian nuts,  Toffee with  white chocolate chunks,  plain dark chocolate,  Peppermint chocolate  and vanilla.

Pew, I  need a rest.

And that is beside the 3 loafs  I been baking and cakes and home made icecream ( four flavours) and dinners for 3 guest...

But my  pridest moment must be this cake, isnt lovely and you can eat everything  except the stalk for the bulrush. 


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Good for you, for not devouring that beautiful tower before taking a picture to share with us. I don't know if I could have been quite so strong.

Take a well-deserved bow, CatPoet, followed by an equally well-deserved rest ! You've certainly earned them both !

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Well I had to take a picture of  the cake, it was my daughter´s.  Its from the  Gruffalo  it is  the  snakes logpiled  house.

The stones are cookie crumb fudge and  it was fun to make and they looked so real.

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Very very impressive!  I bet your daughter loved it!

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I honestly dont know . It was yummy, it is Swiss chocolate rolls filled  toffe cream and chocolate ganache around it.

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usually these things don't taste as good as they look but yours has to be just as delicious as it looks.  Well done and watch those pounds.  You will have to walk a mile for every bite!

Happy baking

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I am wacthing the pounds  but it gets so boring.

I cant eat that cake more then one tiny corner  that is white cake and lactosfree butter cream. Nor can I eat the biscuits, they are made with lactose and that is something I cant have.

So I most often get fruit and lactosfri whipped cream or  just fruit, I cant have too much suger or chocolate  either due to a faulty cardia (I think that is the right name for that sphincter).