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Pain de Campagne

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Pain de Campagne

Recipe is from the book Brilliant Bread by James Morton. Really nice country bread with crusty crust and beautiful soft crumb. I have used rye starter and a pinch of fresh yeast, overnight bulk fermentation and baked in the cassrole. Satisfying result with funny pattern on the top.

Have a nice day!


Darwin's picture

I have a thing for crispy crust and yours looks great!  I am thinking sliced warm and Kerrygold :)

dabrownman's picture

white bread.  Can't buy that in the store - or many bakeries either.  Well Done and

Happy baking

pstros's picture

And what I like the most about it is the content of wholemeal rye flour which is 25%. It makes really beautiful flavor profile.

The fact is that in Slovakia where I am living I really can not find good bakery. They just bakes junks.

Mebake's picture

That is a nice golden crusty loaf. Very well contrasted with the flour dusting. I agree, a slather of kerrygold on this beautiful crumb is a reward you deserve.

Nice work, pstros!