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We 3 gmas made multi-grain breads +

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We 3 gmas made multi-grain breads +

This week we decided that multi-grain breads was the "sister bake" for us. Our elder sister and bread role model makes bread, I think, EVERYDAY! So, that is why her multi-grain bread on the lead in picture is so "picture perfect!" She would put most bakeries to shame, I swear! 


Below are Helen's an my offerings, Helen used the same recipe as Barbra did, Clay's Sourdough Multi-grain Sandwich bread. . 

Here are Helen's beautiful pictures. 



Very nice bread. Great taste, great texture.

My bread, (Diane), had lots of grains in it, I used 7 grain cereal from Wheat Montana, and sunflower seeds. My recipe was for a quick bread, with only one proof.



Looks like mine could have risen more! I am soooo impatient. I need to adopt my Grandma's technique of setting it up and leaving it alone, til supper time.

As we were researching recipes etc... we discovered that the next day (Thursday) was National Chocolate Chip Day according to King Arthur Flour's post on FB.

So Helen and I jumped in:  Helen first... 

                                          and then mine... 

Then Barbra sent her picture of her chocolate chip creation.... she SAID it was a really big chocolate chip cookie... 


                                                      but hey, we weren't born yesterday.. we know great bread when we see it!

Another great day baking with my sisters... enjoying commemorating National Holdays, of course. Thanks for checking in. 

Happy Baking,

Diane, Barbra and Helen.


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Bob Marley

Looks great.   And in that dark bowl with the boule bursting out, top notch, woMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    8)


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I have no problem believing Barbara used really big chocolate chips in that bread...I mean cookie :).

Beautiful baking as always.

Happy Baking,


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with my sisters. I begged off from the chocolate chip cookies because the day befoere I made a KA recipe of Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. All the good taste of butter and chocolate in a 9 x 13 pan. Great time saver.

Diane you always make us look so accomplished that I would hardly notice my flat Tartine Country bread. Tried to pass it off as a fat cookie rather than a flat bread but they saw through that one. I tried to hurry the bread so I could bake in the morning to take warm bread to a Quilt Club. Ended up being ready for retarding too early and spent too long in the cold dark refrigerator before daylight. I guess the little yeastie beasties were worn out. The women in the group long ago promised me that they will happily accept my baking failures and never tell a soul.

Helen and I switched horses in the middle of the stream and decided to try a new bread. Good flavor and nice and soft for sandwiches. Today I am trying a completely new to me rye, Nancy Silverton's Normandy Rye with hard cider. This morning I tried to figure out if the fermented cider called for meant hard cider or apple wine. Once again the TFL search gave me the answer. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.Now to come up with a challenge for our sisterly baking next week....whatever it is, successful or not, we will enjoy spending the day together while far apart.Barbra
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MG Loaf puts everyone to shame not just most bakeries!  That is a perfect loaf.  Now back to us mere mortals even those related to the Bread Goddess:-) The other pair of twisted sisters also baked well and those cookies or Helen's really put Lucy over the edge  I personally stopped at the conniption fit stage but I'm way more reserved than Lucy too.  All the baking looks great and i'm sure it all tastes terrific.  Well done GMa's and

Happy baking. 

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That is lofty praise.... I know my sisters are awesome bakers... we have such fun! I am thinking of that bread Barb mentioned above... ya think I could get ANY of that hard cider into the recipe! LOL



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everyone. That is high praise indeed. (Blush) My assistant says the MG is nice but borders on boring...I think she prefers the chewy crust of sourdough baked with steam. Now if there was just a fish or two tucked inside, her Labrador heart would sing!

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Whats the recipe for that lead in bread? Would love to give it a try.

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In trying to sort out my stack of printed recipes, I came across a copy of an email I had sent to my sisters months ago. Never did make the bread then but thought it would be a good one for Diane's challenge for this week. Was surprised at the softness of the crumb, mild but nice taste. I used a 9 grain mixture of cereal. Used white whole wheat flour.

Look forward to seeing your bread-