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Spinach & Cheese vs Sweet Potato & Pineapple

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Spinach & Cheese vs Sweet Potato & Pineapple

 Dough rose too fast after I sandwiched the three layers together, so I couldn't manhandle it into ropes as planned. Instead just twisted the strips around and tied them up as gently as I could so as not to deflate them too much. Came out looking quite strange but surprisingly edible nonetheless. 

Next time guess I'll chill the Briouche dough at some stage, keep it from proofing before I roll ropes.




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nice!! Mmmmmm

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Wow.  Certainly colourful.

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just another magic trick!  Well done and happy baking.

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I'm new here, so I hope this is not too dumb a question, but is there a recipe for these three doughs somewhere? I'd love to try this. Mouth-wateringly beautiful!

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but I didn't follow any specific recipe, was just kinda winging it.  But the inspiration came from Floyd's recipe for sweet potato rolls. it's pretty versatile, you can modify it just about anyway you want and still have great success. For example, I based mine around a SD rye starter, substituted a cup of pureed spinach for the sweet potato, powdered milk for whole, and added egg whites, grated cheese and butter to make the emerald dough. Also added the yolks, pineapple ferment and butter to the sweet potato, seasoned both batches accordingly, and glazed all the rollz with salted egg white.

Realize now I should have been more clear, but the sandwich from which I cut the strips was just two doughs, the spinach being the "filling." Originally had planned just to do two layers and wrap up the spinach inside a rope of sweet potato, so that only the latter would be visible on the surface of the rollz. Because I think spinach is not particularly attractive when it browns, while sweet potato takes on nice mahogany tones. That way you'd only see any spinach once the roll was sliced open, and its pattern would make for an interesting surprise. Anyway, my timing was off and the dough rose faster than I could handle, so that little scheme was thwarted.

Perhaps you could experiment with this technique yourself, grace, and report back. Any improvements you could devise would be much appreciated!

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Beautiful rolls.  So did you taste the pineapple once it was cooked in the bread?


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But no, I couldn't taste the pineapple on this batch of rollz, though I could on the previous one, which didn't have the spinach part. Basically it was there for hydration, and so I could reduce the amount of sugar called for in Floyd's original recipe. Perhaps pineapple tidbits wouod have been more discernible. 

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No Ian, I couldn't taste the pineapple in this batch, though I could when I baked the sweet potato rollz without the spinach.