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I'm making baguettes for the first time in quite a while, and pacing through the kitchen, fretting while I wait for the stone to heat up and hoping for good steam from a method I haven't used before. I'm eyeing my newly contrived lame, born of a visit to my boyfriend's shaving shelf and look through the kitchen drawers.

Did I overproof them? Is it already too late? What if I can't get enough steam? What if my scores are off? I wish I had extra dough I could practice on. Is it ready yet? Maybe I should've made more so I could've gotten more experience. Will my angles be off? Will they open nicely? At all? Should I put oil on the blade to make sure it doesn't stick? I wish the fridge were less full. I don't have space to put this pie dough anywhere.


Sometimes things just fall into place.


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I am sure your steaming method is going to work perfectly.  I highly recommend Sylvia's towel method.  Don't let them dry out, though.  I did that once and they started smoking!  

One of those wooden skewers and your boyfriend's razor blades will work just fine.  (Just  make sure it is a new blade from the front of the pack and not a used one from the back)!

I wish I had extra dough I could practice on.

Now there is an idea.  Perhaps something you can do on a rainy day.  Prepare a whole lot of dough in advance and just practice, practice, practice.

Do post some pictures and let us know how it went.

All the best,