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Martin Johansson's Swedish Barley Rye

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Martin Johansson's Swedish Barley Rye

After so much praise from breadsong and with my love of nordic ryes, I had to try this!  I stuck to Martin's original formula, which included barley and more seeds than breadsong's.  And more syrup! The web said you could substitute dark corn syrup for Swedish "bread syrup"; but to hedge my bets I split it 50% light corn syrup and the other 50% molasses and honey.

Here is the formula I used (which might be useful for anyone attempting to make Martin's original, which is in Swedish.)


The baking did not go well!  My bread immediately started burning on top, even with foil on. So I lowered the temperature to 350 after about 20 minutes and let it go more than an hour.  I think because of the high amount of sugar in the 100g of "syrup", I think this should never have seen 475F!  If I make this again I'll bake it more like a vollkornbrot or limpa.  Even after 1:15 the dough was still undercooked a bit in the middle as you can see from the photos.


Verdict? Tastes a lot like german vollkornbrot, i.e. a non-sour pumpernickel.  This has a lot of seeds, even by nordic standards.  Too many!  The flavors aren't quite balanced, but maybe it's because I underbaked it (you can see that from the photos.)  The 22% syrup is way too sweet.  I think I'll stick with other scandinavian rogbrod recipes.