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We 3 gmas grilled/baked naan and flatbread!

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We 3 gmas grilled/baked naan and flatbread!

What great fun we had grilling naan and baking flatbread... Helen and I grilled naan with yeast and yogurt and Barb baked Chad Robertson's flatbread... and made many mini pizzas... 

The lead in picture is Helen's naan. You can see the nice dark ghee mixed through it.

 She served this with a great curried rice!

Here is the plated picture... I almost got in my

car and drove over for supper!... Looks great and the reviews were very good... definitely a meal that will be repeated.

My naan was served with shrimp, scallop

and vegetable stirfry... I brushed garlic butter on the naan on both sides as I removed it from the grill.

Half of the naan I left unbuttered for  sprucing up later.

And now a look at Barb's flatbread journey... she testified that this made the best pizza ever... might be switching up the dough she will use for pizza night each week.



Don't all those pizzas just make you want to grab Chad's book and get at making this flatbread... We had a great time together making these meals and, as always, the texts, pictures, recipes, and ideas flew back and forth across the miles... just saying, there we happy people in North Central Texas and in the Northwest state of Washington... we truly enjoyed our bake together and now have to decide on next weeks togetherness (actually) this week since I am posting on Sunday. ...

Great job my sisters, "Baking with my sisters" brings great joy!

Happy Baking, 

Barbra, Diane, and Helen


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Barbara, Diane and Helen:  It looks like you had a fabulous time and wonderful meals! Everything looks delicious.  Thanks for sharing.  Best,  Phyllis

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and Pizza.  Never thought of using it for pizza but it would be fantastic.  The curry, stir fry and pizza all look great. I'm so hungry right now.  I'm thankful to have a beer can chicken in the oven with the roasted veggies.  Now if we can get the wife home from work we will be less hungry:-)  Still. I will stare at these pictures to tide me through this adversity :-)

Happy Sisterly Baking GMA's. It doesn't, what ever lt is, get better than that - but you know that already :-)

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Comments from adopted grandsons made it even sweeter!


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Phyliss and DAB for your nice thoughts. Coming from such accomplished bakers, it means a lot. The pizza was much more of a variety than I've done so far. Started out with a naan type panful with salt and crushed red pepper, caraway and butter, and a fennel and anise seeds, topped with ghee. That was when I had to admit that flatbread and naan may be in the same family but definitely not the same. My hat is off to those sisters of mine for making such beautiful examples of naan though.

So I moved on to the individual size pizza. It was fun to try different toppings so everybody could try things like a mixed olive bruschetta type combination topped with grated Romano and baby spinach, and pesto topped with slices of Roma tomato and arugula, and a sort of Margherita with garlic flavored ricotta and tomato. Of course this was only after making a special request for a "normal" pizza of pepperoni and cheese for the traditionalist of the family. Chad Robertson's recipe is following an interview about a great sounding time spent surfing in Mexico- the dough is not as stretchy as one using the 00 flour but was still fairly well behaved and even made with such thick crusts it was tender.  I think for the next pizza night I will combine this formula with half 00 flour (really the King Arthur copycat) Looking forward to trying this on the grill since it supposed to warm up and be Spring (all of 32 degrees this morning) but the sun is out and we're looking for a balmy 67 degrees this afternoon.

Happy Sunshine Baking

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for pizza.  Most 00 flour is finely ground and about 12 - 12.5 % protein.  Other folks claim that 00 should be no more than 9% protein.  I personally think 10,5% protein is the best for pizza but that is only because Lucy bites my ankles if I say say anything else and she should know being German, as far from pizza making as possible and a horrid Baking Apprentice 2nd Class- but she loves pizza, especially with German sausages on them.  So 10.5% it is and everyone else is just, oh so, wrong :-)

I'm still waiting on some pizza with some German's making some sausages for them - but we do have Tasso, thanks to Darwin, going in the smoker tomorrow,