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Farmer's Market Week 30 (Sunflower Sour)

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Farmer's Market Week 30 (Sunflower Sour)

30 weeks since I started this now tradition. I've had this idea on my mind a while.  I've eaten this bread at a few bakeries and they vary from sweet levain style to slightly enriched pan breads.  I thought I'd start with a light rye sour as the base.  The end results are pretty tasty.  The 30 percent of Whole Rye brings a great sweetness to the loaf but since 22% is prefermented for 15 hours it also brings a lovely sour flavor to the loaf.  The toasted sunflower pairs as it does in Volkornbrots.  Sweet crunchy crust, soft almost fluffy fine crumb laden with toasted seeds.  I took a guess with 80% hydration which could easily go a bit higher.  Just to open the loaf a touch more.  Otherwise this is a good loaf.  I scaled my loaves at 800g and also think a larger loaf would be better.  So I'll scale for 2 larger loaves below


Sunflower Sour 

Rye Sour (22% PF @ 70F for 12-15 hours)
20 Seed
200 Whole Rye
200 H20
76.4   Whole Rye
668   Bread Flour (11.5% protein)
553.6  H20
23.6   Salt
196   Sunflower Seeds, toasted
total flour: 954.4 (22% PF) (30% Whole Rye, 70% Bread Flour (11.5% protein))
total h20 763.6 (80% Hyd)                         (I think I'd increase this to 83-85% next time around) 
total dough 1937.6 (2 @ 968g)

Happy Baking All




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a lot of great loaves! I only use sunflower seeds in breads with high rye percentage, but seeing your lovely creations may try this as well!

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I love sunflower seeds in bread.  They add moisture and richness which makes for a very smooth bite,  Really good sandwich bread.  

Those loaves look excellent Josh.  I have to stop reading your blog.  I find myself playing catch up with your bakes and don't seem to get round to all the other bakes I have been planning!

What did you scale those loaves at?  

All the best,


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Gorgeous looking loaves, Josh! Love the scoring. What oven do you bake in?

I bet your clients will absolutely LOVE those. Keep them coming!


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I agree with Khalid....just beautiful looking loaves and I know those sunflowers must add a great crunch.

Well done as usual.


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Yes the seeds add texture and the finished loaf has a lovely softness to the crumb.  Great sammi bread.  All I'd consider changing is hydration a bit and maybe seeing how it compared with the entire portion of Rye pre fermented.  

Cheers All