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Pane de Campagne Redux (fixed hydration)

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Pane de Campagne Redux (fixed hydration)

I'm upping the ante to two bakes a week.  One to trade at market and one to sell and raise money for more ingredients/pay bills while I try to find my own "spot".  I figured I must give this formula its due and remake with proper hydration.  I made one other change based on the flavor profile of the "botched" batch and split the whole wheat half Hard Red Winter and half Hard White Winter.  I also added a longer autolyse.  The previous loaf was a fine sammi bread but it had a bitter finish and these changes were to help that aspect.  Oh and I scaled the proper amount of water this time.  The end result.  A lovely sweet, earthy, crunchy loaf of bread.  Very happy with the results.  Not sure how to compare to other PDC's as they seem to vary so much.  Without further ado.

Levain: 80% Hyd
75          Seed (66% hydration) (45 flour/ 30 h20)
148        Wheat (half hard red/half hard white)
124.5     H20
470.5   Artisan
120     Hard Red Wheat
120     Hard White Wheat
49.5     Rye
49.5    Spelt
665     H20  
20       Salt
Total Flour       1002.5g  (19% PF) (43% Wheat, 5% rye, 5% Spelt)
Total H20         819.5      (82% hyd)
Total Dough     1842       (2 @ 921 )
Autolyse 4 hour (same time I built levain) holding back 5% water. 
Add levain and 1/2 of h20 and mix to combine.  Add salt with remaining h20 and mix until incorporated and moderate gluten development.

Bulk Ferment: 2:30 with SF @ 45 minute and 1:30.  

Divide, preshape, rest 20-30 minutes

Shape and retard 12-15 hours

Pull about 30 minutes before loading.

Bake at 500 with steam for the first 15 minutes and vented for 25-30 more




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Those are fine looking loaves Josh.  I suppose it is too early for a crumb shot.  A four hour autolyse.  That is almost as long as a levain feed.  That loaf is just about pure levain!  Should have a really good flavour.  Want to try and get hold of some spelt.  Have never baked with it before but haven't seen it around these parts.

Nice dark crust and pretty scoring as always.



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bread.  Hope it tastes as good as it looks and the inside is holey to.  So is this a 50% wholegrain?   Can't tell from the recipe.  Wish I could figure out my problem bakes so easily :-) 

Well Done and Happy Baking Josh

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Actually following a formula given to me.  I'm really perplexed on PDC.  It seems a more classic PDC would be more heavily white flour with at least a small percentage (say 10-20) Wheat and sometimes Rye, sometimes not.  I think the name of the bread is deceiving but it's a wheatier sweeter PVM so far.  The crumb and crust are very similar.  Again a bit wheatier and less sour.  But even after a few hours the sour notes have picked up.  It'll be interesting to taste in the morning.  

Onjy reason this was an easy fix was i botched the first one entirely by scaling the wrong amount of H20.  Sounds like the warm weather has your levain a bit running wild on ya.  Maybe need to decrease your inoculations to get it a bit more tamed?  



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These are really good. 

All of your bakes are equally distracting make me wanna keep trying different formula instead of sticking my nose to one. 

Good luck with finding your "spot" im sure your neighborhood would be very happy with your bakery around, as much as i hope to have one here in HK.

Happy Baking 


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What a nice crumb, josh! beautiful loves.Good job with the tweaks.

I hope you find "your spot" sooner than you wish.

all the best,



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That's a beauty and I can see why you like it.  Your crumb is ideal as usual.  I have used overnight autolyse of the flour many times, but I have to give your 4 hour method a try next time.

Good luck getting your "spot".  I'm sure you will do well once you get started.