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I decided to take the experts' advice and use my (what would have been) discarded starter and made myself a pizza for supper. Of course as this was a last minute thing I didn't have Mozzarella cheese so used Monterey Jack and Parmesan. Also cooked some Italian sausages from the freezer and sliced some mushrooms. I took 1/2cup of starter and added 1/2cup bread flour and 1/2cup water, mixed it well and let it sit for a while. Then I stirred in 1 cup bread flour and some salt, kneaded it briefly and let it sit again. Did a couple of stretch and folds and preheated the stone. Things I learned: use more salt - it was too bland. Use more cornmeal on the back of the old cookie sheet I was using as a peel. The pizza stuck so I just dropped sheet and all on the stone. Divide the dough and make 2 thinner crusts - it rose well but the center was a bit doughy. I ate 1/2(!) and put the other 1/2 back on the stone so that I have supper for another night. Probably not kosher but I felt very creative and will definitely do this again. A.


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knowledge to wing it!

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Sounds yummy.  You've reminded me that I probably parked my starter in the fridge a bit soon.  Guess I'll take it out and start regular feedings again.  I might even follow your lead and make a pizza.