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Easter Bake.

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Easter Bake.

I've been working on the same formula for a while.  I think I'm slowly getting there.

Fresh pesto.

Ready for the freezer and a week's worth of toast.

Happy Easter!


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Loaf of bread.  Lovely color and good lookin crumb.  What type of bread you have here?



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8% Rye flour

8% Whole Wheat flour

84% Bread flour

75% Water

2% salt

1/4 tsp yeast

I use a 45 min autolyze, followed by pincer mixing salt and yeast into the dough.  Stretch and fold every half hour for 2 hours followed by 1 hour bulk rise.  I fridge retard it over night and shape it into a loaf straight out of fridge and bake it after a 45 min proof.  Baked at 500 degrees 25 min in dutch oven with lid on, followed by 25-30 min with lid off.  As you can tell I like it a little darker.  

I've been happy to work this formula for the last 10 bakes or so.  Trying to learn what the dough likes and how it responds to different shaping techniques...always trying for that perfect open crumb.

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and the crumb is nice and open too.  Well Done and

Happy Baking

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Thanks Dab!