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Questions about ankarsrum mixer (aka DLX or assistent)

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Questions about ankarsrum mixer (aka DLX or assistent)

Hi all,

Today I bought a brand new ankarsrum original mixer. I understand that the roller and scraper are the most useful for making bread doughs, and converting bread recipes to this mixer should be straight forward. What I am wondering about are other types of recipes. Here are my questions, and I hope I can get answers for them:

1. To make a pound cake, do I use the roller and SS bowl, or the wire cookie beaters and the plastic bowl? The cookie beaters look very flimsy tO me.

2. Can you make Italian meringue in this mixer? I am a little hesitant to pour hot sugar syrup into the plastic bowl...

3. To make choux pastry, do I use the roller or the cookie beaters? 


gary.turner's picture

1.  The cookie whisks are more robust than you think. Any batter that I've tried has been handled by the cookie whisks with no problem, and that includes creaming cheese for cheesecakes, not to mention the usual cookie suspects, oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip, etc.. The 8(?) whip whisks should be reserved for whipping cream and eggs and the like.

2. I've not tried Italian meringue, but the plastic appears to be of the Delrin family, a fairly high temp, highly stable plastic. Pour slowly, and the syrup should be sufficiently tempered. Have you asked your vendor? Pleasant Hill Grain are knowledgeable, helpful people. Their 800 number is on that page somewhere. They could use a proper web developer, well versed in library science, to make their site more usable.

3. You could probably use the whisks, but I'd go with the roller. The roller is the workhorse. I only use the whisks for whipping eggs and cream and for pourable batters. The latter because the bowl is easier pouring.



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Thanks for the tips, Gary.

I've used the mixer today to make a 75% hydration dough. I used the roller and scraper and it worked wonderully. I put all the ingredients in, liquids first, and set it to knead on medium. a couple of times I moved the arm to the center and back, but that's about it. I like how low maintenance this mixer is (no need to babysit it lest it walks). I could easily mix the dough and wash the dishes at the same time. I absolutely adore the timer on this thing. I did not think I'd use it, but I tried it and it is fabulous. 

I also made made a pound cake (the most basic kind; equal weights of butter, sugar, eggs, flour and a pinch of salt. No leavening other than air beaten into the batter). I used the roller and scraper for that, too. This worked wonderfully as well. The roller creamed the butter beautifully. The scraper kept scraping the side of the bowl. I moved the roller to the center a few times, but that's about it. The butter and sugar were creamed much more uniformly than what I usually get in the KA, in my opinion. When I added the eggs, the mixture didn't curdle (which happens to me in the KA). I scraped the batter into a loaf pan and baked. The cake rose well. It was a success. Well... Almost. I didn't grease the pan well, and the cake stuck to the bottom of the pan... The parts I managed to salvage were delicious, though. Next time I will make sure to grease the pan better. 


All in all, I am very happy with the purchase of this mixer and I am looking forward to using it more often. 

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I love the roller and scraper for pound cake, cheesecakes and thick cookie doughs like chocolate chip. I rarely even use the plastic bowl anymore. I did use it this week for beating egg whites for meringue for a pie. I've always done choux pastry by hand so I can't really comment on it in the Ankarsrum.