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Chocolate, walnut, hazelnut babka. OH MY!

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Chocolate, walnut, hazelnut babka. OH MY!

The skiing has been fantastic and I am down to one bake a week for three weeks running now. This is the third go around of my yeast water pulla/babka dough. Again another take on the ITJB yummies! I actually have a store bought loaf of bread because it was free. We will see. This loaf was filled with a mix of walnuts and hazelnuts on top of a chocolate buttercream. OH MY! 

I doubted I would get this loaf out of the pan, but most of it came out okay. So half the dough batch was used to make the babka and the other half a traditional pulla braid. These pair last me about a week. It is a good thing I have 80 days of skiing under my belt this season. Yummy goods!


Life would not be complete without an orange chiffon layer cake spread with apricot jam and chocolate butter cream and iced with said chocolate heaven!

Happy baking folks, Brian



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What a dessert spread with the orange chiffon cake too!.  Got to be gaining weight mow that skiing is drawing to a close.  The babaka and the cake are both killer. Well done and

Happy baking Ski

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The babka is to die for!!! :-)

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Ski season is still in full swing and I am not putting on a pound, but eating very well!

Happy baking dab, Ski

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Hi Brian,

Dangerous looking loaves and cake.   

Last week I baked a Romanian Cozonac loaf   that looks very similar to your Babka.  Fun to bake and people who got loaves loved them.  Now I think I will make it again just subbing different nuts for the original walnuts and honey for the sugar.  Attached the link just in case you are looking for something new to try :)

Are the slopes still safe to ski this late in the year this year?

Take Care,


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. . . but the babka is just plain hard to stay away from. so yes dangerous. Your Romanian Cozonac loaf also looks dangerous and I will definitely give it a try. The slopes are still safe to ski in bounds at ski areas, but potentially avalanche prone out of bounds and in the back country. I ALWAYS ski safe.

Happy baking, Brian

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I would eat that.

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It looks delicious. Fortunately, I have the new low-calorie screen on my laptop, 'cause I'm not skiing.


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You really need to change up to a high calorie laptop screen as a treat every once in a while! Happy baking, Brian

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isand66 have outdone yourself again!  These both look fantastic...wish I had that Babka to taste right about now for breakfast.  I have to try one of these, but I need to get myself back to the gym first!

Happy Baking.


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i continue to surprise myself, but the recipes in ITJB are really not at all difficult. Mind you, I have yet to try laminated dough and am still spooked at the prospect. Perhaps I should give it a go. Happy baking. Brian