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Nothing fancy

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Nothing fancy

Nothing fancy, but I baked a few days ago.  First time in quite a while.  

Overnight poolish, slow rise of the final dough the next day, not a scale or measuring cup in sight. 

Not one of my best efforts but, all things considered, still quite good.

I hope folks here are having a wonderful spring.


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Well, It is fancy, nice work!


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Floyd:  Looks wonderful and no measurement!  Congratulations.  Best,  Phyllis

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Once you get a feel for the ingredients, it really is easier to just throw a loaf together. Looks yummy!

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it sure looks tasty and I'm guessing it is too.  Well done Floyd and

Happy baking

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Song Of The Baker

Having a fantastic Spring!...sun yesterday, rain today, sun tomorrow, rain...and so on and so forth....welcome to our manic climate this time of year.

These look like a nice easy back-in-the-saddle type bread to bake after a bit of a break.  Why the long break?


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Working full-time on-site rather than telecommuting, Mandarin class, preparing to move (within the building, but still) and, yes, Spring! All has resulted in very little time spent around the homestead.

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Song Of The Baker

Mandarin class!  Wow...good on you to take on that feat!

Happy baking Floyd.


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Nice looking bread Floyd.  You are brave taking on Mandarin.  I tried to get one of my previous company's to pay for lessons since I was traveling 5 times a year to China but alas they were too shortsighted.  Let us know how you come along with those lessons and have a great spring.  We are supposed to finally have a nice day today in NY after being in the 40's the last few day.


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Christo Cilliers

Hi Floyd .

It looks quite awsome and very chewy . Do you perhaps have the recipe lying around somewhere .. :-) ? Will really appretiate it if possible .

Be Blessed .


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I don't have the exact measures of this batch, but it was basically this poolish bread.