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Cherry-Pecan Bread

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Cherry-Pecan Bread

This is one of my favorite breads, and my submission for BreadBakingDay #2. Recipe is here.

Cherry-Pecan Bread



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staff of life

Is this a la Daniel Leader?  I love the fruit and nut breads!  And yours is so pretty!

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...making such beautiful bread!  That is a wondeful looking loaf and instantly I'm thinking of my father who loves cherries and both parents love fruit and nut breads.  I will definately make this for them.

Susan, have you ever made this with a sourdough levain instead of the yeast?  I bet it would work really well like in the raisin cinnamon loaf of Dan Lepard's that is so wonderful.

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Thanks both of you!

SOL, this is not a Daniel Leader bread; I don't have any of his books yet although I'm happy to report than Local Breads is on its way to me even as I type... This is pretty much my own concoction although it was originally based on a raisin-type bread from somewhere. I'm not sure, but it was probably Hamelman's book.

ZolaBlue, I never have done this with sourdough although I'll bet that would be wonderful. I vote that you try it and let us know how it turns out!


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That is gorgeous and looks delicious!

Hows it taste?

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What an ingenious take on the raisin-style bread! I can't wait to try it. TY!

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Susan, yesterday was baking day (because, uh, it was ...Tuesday..!) and your bread gave me just the inspiration I was looking for. Elegant, really nice combination, (and I think it might do for ice cream as well. )

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Wow Susan! that bread looks delicous! I think sourdough would compliment those sour cherries quite nice. I'm adding this one to my to-bake list.

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Thegreenbaker: The taste is a little sweet, but not as much as you might think; definitely not dessert. We ate it with a main meal of salmon the other night, and while probably not the winner of the outstanding food pairing of the year award, it did not seem grossly mismatched either. It's really nice with soft cheeses.

BZ: I hope you do try it, and let us know what you think!

Browndog: Tuesday is always an excellent day for baking :-) I'm glad you liked it. And, ice cream, YES!

Beenjamming: Thanks! Please do try it with sourdough.